Scarlet Nexus Musubu Code

Scarlet Nexus Musubu Code

Last Updated on 15 June, 2023

Scarlet Nexus Musubu Code – Full list of codes or passwords, their rewards, and everything you need to know to to redeem them


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Scarlet Nexus Musubu Code – Full List

These are the codes currently available in the game, as well as their rewards

  • 13th Episode code or password: SAVE ME > Reward: Poster Vision Group x1
  • 12th Episode code or password: Judge > Reward: Poster Vision Kagero x1
  • 11th Episode code or password: government dogs > Reward: Poster Vision Kyoka x1
  • 10th Episode code or password: hospital > Reward: Poster Vision Shiden x1
  • 9th Episode code or password: Lokusho > Reward: Contraband Vision x1 Bond assist attack suppression
  • 8th Episode code or password: October 4th > Reward: Poster Vision Arashi x1
  • 7th Episode code or password: Hero > Reward: Poster Vision Tsugumi x1
  • 6th Episode code or password: Which? > Reward: Poster Vision Kasane x1
  • 5th Episode code or password: NEVER FORGET > Reward: Poster Vision Luka x1
  • 4th Episode code or password: 2009 > Reward: OSF Armband Vision Septentrion x1
  • 3rd Episode code or password: 5150 > Reward: Poster Vision Gemma x1
  • 2nd Episode code or password: Tell the truth > Reward: Poster Vision Hanabi x1
  • 1st Episode code or password:  Such a liar > Reward: Poster Vision Yuito x1
  • Introduction code or password: CODE > Reward: 1k money

We will keep this list updated and add new codes or passwords as soon as they are redeemable.

Do you know any other redeemable codes? Leave us a comment and we will add it to the list to keep it updated

Scarlet Nexus Musubu Code – How to Redeem?

You will not be able to redeem any of the codes until you have completed phase 2 of the game.

When you’re done, go to the Musubi restaurant, and talk to NPC Musubi. After interacting with her she will ask if any words caught your eye, and then you will have the option to redeem all the codes

Codes are case sensitive, and some of them are complete sentences, so be careful and write them as they appear in our list, we have checked them and they all work

How to Play?

“Scarlet Nexus,” a new action role-playing title from Bandai Namco, blends anime, visual novel stylings and a robust combat system that feels sleek and fun to use. For anime lovers and anyone who enjoyed “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” the game will be a hit.

Each of “Scarlet Nexus’s” two story lines features scenes exclusive to that plot, though some core parts of the story remain the same. The game entices you to play both stories. Yuito and Kasane develop unique friendships with their teammates, and have different family backgrounds

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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