Sea of Conquest Map: All Treasure Map Locations

Sea of Conquest Map Treasures
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Last Updated on 21 April, 2024

Are you ready to conquer the seas and live the pirate life in the Sea of Conquest? As an ancient sea companion, you’ll be drawn to everything that glitters.

Get out your Sea of Conquest map and begin treasure hunting.

Even if the lure of money is high, you may not want to spend time combing the game world for all the valuables.

Use this guide to locate the important treasures.

Why Look for Treasure in the Game?

As you continue in the game, you will discover treasure maps. A red cross on the Sea of Conquest map marks the location of a treasure.

Map types include common, uncommon, epic, and legendary. Going in quest of these riches might be rather frustrating. But trust us, it’s worth the effort!

Why is it worthwhile? There are many resources, such as gold and ingredients, available for producing Sea of Conquest foods and beverages.

In Sea of Conquest, it’s important to prioritize resource collection. They will come in helpful in several circumstances.

Treasure Locations on each Sea of Conquest map

Do you want to uncover the most stunning gems quickly and avoid wasting time on useless resources? We understand. We’ve created a brief guide to help you identify riches on each Sea of Conquest map ahead of time.

Common Sea of Conquest treasure map

Discover treasure maps for collecting both common and uncommon resources and ingredients.

Crystal Treasure Map

This popular treasure map is one of the easiest to find. It lets you obtain:

  • 1x oats (rare)
  • 1x red bean (common)
  • 1x silk cocoon (common)
  • 1x tiger skin (common)
  • 1x echo conch

Rare Sea of Conquest treasure maps

Rare treasure maps offer better rewards than common maps.

Map From a Cunning Merchant

This rare Sea of Conquest map, whose tip leads you to the lost refuge, is quite interesting because it offers many rewards:

  • 200 adventure experience
  • 10 emeralds
  • 3x sword
  • 3x tobacco
  • 100x storm power
  • 4x silk (rare)

Map From an Enchanting Siren

The clue on this map directs you to the Smoke Islands. Again, you may stock up on resources:

  • 3x artillery
  • 3x tobacco
  • 200 adventure experience
  • 7x wood (rare)
  • 100x storm power
  • 7x silk cotton (common)

The Pirate’s Handbook

This is not a Sea of Conquest map in the traditional sense, since the hint is written rather than visual. To locate the treasure, you must go near the port of Saint Jean. Here are the rewards you may receive:

  • 3x ivory
  • 3x alluvial gold
  • 6x sulphur (rare)
  • 100x storm power
  • 7x wheat (common)

Miser’s Treasure Map Sea of Conquest

The clue on this map directs you to the Gulf of Gunwhale, immediately above the City of Plenty. The awards are as follows:

  • 10 emeralds
  • 3x merchandise
  • 200x adventure experience
  • 3x short arm

Shipwreck Treasure Map

Sea of Conquest Map Treasures
Photo: FunPlus International AG

The treasure on this map is situated in the Aurora Strait and will offer you:

  • 100x storm power
  • 7x sandalwood (rare)
  • 7x lead ore (common)

Sleeping Lady at the Bottom of the Ocean map

On the Lazaret Islands, you’ll locate this magnificent treasure, and the prizes are:

  • 3x ivory
  • 7x limestone (rare)
  • 100x storm power
  • 7x cocoa (common)

Map of an isolated island

To find this treasure, return to the Smoke Islands. Discover what gifts await you:

  • 10 emeralds
  • 200x adventure experience
  • 3x alluvial gold
  • 3x uzi steel
  • 7x amber (rare)
  • 5x nitrate

Epic Sea of Conquest maps

Epic treasure maps provide more fascinating prizes. We encourage you to pick them up as soon as possible.

Entrance to Duke Abagon’s Tomb map

This Sea of Conquest map admits you to valuable prizes without actually having to search the map for hints. This is what you’ll get

  • 1x horn of the storm
  • 1x painting tool
  • 50 emeralds
  • 20K wood
  • 10K iron

Map of a Forgotten Sea

The treasure shown on this map may be located on the Smoke Islands. Find out what it includes:

  • 10x tobacco
  • 10x artillery
  • 10x tea (rare)
  • 7x tiger skin (common)
  • 30 emeralds
  • 100x adventure experience

Treasure in the Desert’s Eye map

The Misty Isles contain the epic map’s wealth. Here are the gifts that await you.

  • 10x tobacco
  • 30 emeralds
  • 400x adventure experience
  • 10x ginseng
  • 10x wool (common)

The Autobiography of Simon

This is no regular map. To find the prize, you need to read the words and understand the hint. To save time, the wealth is found to the south of Pitaya Island. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 400x adventure experience
  • 10x artillery
  • 10x flannel (rare)
  • 100x storm power
  • 10x sausage (common)

Map of the Mutilated Lyre

Sea of Conquest Map Treasures
Photo: FunPlus International AG

This prize is found near the Miser’s prize Map, in the Gulf of Gunwhale. So don’t hesitate to make these two prize maps at the same time! For the picture of the damaged lyre, here are the rewards:

  • 10x Uzi steel
  • 400x adventure experience
  • 100x storm power
  • 10x benzoin (rare)
  • 10x tin ore (common)

Legendary Sea of Conquest map

Legendary treasure maps provide maximum rewards, especially in terms of experience and emeralds. However, these jewels are the most difficult to discover.

Amber Hall’s Treasure Map

The treasure on this map may be located in Merry Waters. Be cautious when you approach the location; there will be a sea monster there. You’ll have no option but to combat it to get your gifts safely. Here’s the treasure.

  • 60 emeralds
  • 40x artillery
  • 40x tobacco
  • 600 adventure experience

We hope this article helps you uncover wealth on each Sea of Conquest map.

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