Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Locations & Rewards

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Locations

Last Updated on 13 January, 2022

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Locations & Rewards – All the locations to find Mimans, Maps, and where to claim the rewards

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Locations – Maps

If you want to find the x200 Miman you will need the map. There are x4 maps, a map for each region where you can find mimans – Minato, Shinagawa, Chiyoda & Taito. So let’s see how to get each Map:

  • Minato Miman Map: From Nagatacho leyline fount > Enter Tokyo Diet Building > go to where Nuwa was (1st encounter) > From there go west and find the Fox Demon Cironnup > Buy the map for 2,5k Macca
  • Shinagawa Miman Map: From North Shinagawa leyline fount > follow the path that turn along to the north > Move along the road until you find the fox demon > Buy the map for 10k Macca
  • Chiyoda Miman Map: After defeating Surt > Follow the path northwest (tunnel) > take the north path (at the fork) > Keep going north after the Otemachi leyline fount until you find the demon, near the vending machines > Buy the map for 20k Macca
  • Taito Miman Map: From Asakusa leyline fount > follow the snow path > Find the demon near Asakura 4th save point > Buy the map for 40k Macca

Once you have the map of each region, you will see that there is no better help to find all the miman

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Locations – Rewards

  • 1x Miman : Onmoraki’s Essence
  • 5x Miman : Starter Healing Set x3
  • 10x Miman : Element Talisman x1
  • 15x Miman : Neko Shogun’s Essence x1
  • 20x Miman : Ice Gem x1
  • 25x Miman : Angel’s Essence x1
  • 30x Miman : Avian Talisman x1
  • 35x Miman : Gem Set x3
  • 40x Miman : Makami’s Essence x1
  • 45x Miman : Avatar Talisman x1
  • 50x Miman : Incense Set x2
  • 55x Miman : Holy Talisman x1
  • 60x Miman : King Frost’s Essence x1
  • 65x Miman : Ailment Gem Set x4
  • 70x Miman : Fiend Talisman x1
  • 75x Miman : Gem Set x6
  • 80x Miman : Quetzalcoatl’s Essence x1
  • 85x Miman : Sutra Set x1
  • 90x Miman : Kishin Talisman x1
  • 95x Miman : Charge Gem Set x2
  • 100x Miman : Genma Talisman x1
  • 105x Miman : Balm Set x1
  • 110x Miman : Grimoire x6
  • 115x Miman : Incense Set x4
  • 120x Miman : Thunderbird’s Essence x1
  • 125x Miman : Ailment Gem Set x8
  • 130x Miman : Large Glory Crystal x1
  • 135x Miman : Sutra Set x2
  • 140x Miman : Yoshitsune’s Essence x1
  • 145x Miman : Balm Set x2
  • 150x Miman : Large Glory Crystal x2
  • 155x Miman : Advanced Healing Set x2
  • 160x Miman : Siegfried’s Essence x1
  • 165x Miman : Incense Set x6
  • 170x Miman : Gospel x2
  • 175x Miman : Large Glory Crystal x3
  • 180x Miman : Lakshmi’s Essence x1
  • 185x Miman : Sutra Set x3
  • 190x Miman : Soma x3
  • 195x Miman : Large Glory Crystal x4
  • 200x Miman : Balm Set x4

Where to Claim the Miman Rewards – Location?

Talk to Gustave, at Cadaver’s Hollow after finding Mimans for rewards

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