Shindo Life Borumaki vs Kamaki Codes – Private Servers Updated 2024

Shindo Life Borumaki vs Kamaki Codes

Last Updated on 2 April, 2024

Shindo Life Borumaki vs Kamaki Codes – Private Servers – Tons of private server codes, and the sub abilities, ninja tools and companions to farm in Borumaki vs Kamaki

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All the private servers codes (all areas & game modes) > here

Shindo Life Borumaki vs Kamaki Codes – Private Servers Codes List

The following Private Servers codes are only for the Borumaki vs Kamaki area of the game

  • 6ZgOFE
  • 21mdei
  • 2f93LQ
  • OCViCH
  • jw1Qqm
  • Vdo71D
  • ZNTu5I
  • a58Tbf
  • t_hKVF
  • 21mdei
  • K-h5d3
  • vf94pX
  • j6HxjV
  • AF1pCO
  • IVkbvq
  • 70qYIG
  • UdHhA8
  • CVtvXs
  • JZ5kHe
  • aX6MZi
  • T3Rfx
  • qAnF3u
  • 9RP8BH
  • fcRyiB
  • fE8oZ
  • PVaq1X
  • -Zp8hP
  • e13CFo
  • 3wFtZ7
  • EzBOjG
  • Hpb9Gh
  • 6WKbZa
  • EXoMUC
  • S6n_a4
  • tyd_9W
  • L07GcY
  • dGSBCs
  • jxU6iE
  • ooyldt
  • iTJX2U
  • ytn1rE
  • zTUsDf
  • 72G_0A
  • aUfhj6
  • _5xIX8
  • MM5SFh
  • siTrkb
  • WBs4tJ
  • yRww6y
  • foIe7f
  • rryj9T
  • C5vFUI
  • KlDrtT
  • oziqCe
  • iD1Dml
  • mvdV-j
  • F5lxMy
  • 42dtyU
  • wZ_paF
  • XohG7f

Check the next section to know everything that can be farmed in the Borumaki vs Kamaki area

How to Use the PS Codes?

Press Play, choose a location on the map (Borumaki vs Kamaki) and open the player menu (M key). In the menu on the left of the new window, click on Travel. Finally, click on Private Server Teleport and enter any of the ids or codes that we have provided in the list

About Shindo Life Borumaki vs Kamaki

The Borumaki vs Kamaki Village, also known as Borumaki vs Kamaki, is one of the seventeen locations a player can currently spawn at in Shindo Life. It is also one of the seven main villages.

The Borumaki vs Kamaki Village is a massive village that contains several modern houses and tall trees. A river runs through the village, with several bridges crossing it. Like most villages, the Borumaki vs Kamaki Village has an office, commonly known as the “Sovereignty Office”. Behind the Sovereignty Office is a mountain with three heads carved into it. From left to right, the heads belong to Dio Senko, Bankai Akuma, and Satori Akuma.

You can also access the player menu by going to the Borumaki vs Kamaki location on the map. All of your character’s information, as well as different settings, are located here. There ought to be a Travel option available. Look for the Private Server option by clicking that. To enter an ID, click the “[Private-Server]” text, which will prompt you to do so. To access the private server, simply copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and press the teleport button!

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