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Ship of Fools

Last Updated on 28 November, 2022

Ship Of Fools – For Ship Of Fools players, this guide provides a quick overview of how to unlock all of these in-game, so let’s take a look.


This is just a quick search tool for anyone who gets stuck on a character I created when I can’t find one. I think the info is correct, enjoy.

  • Todd: Faster paddle [Starts unlocked]
  • Hink: AOE critical hits [Starts unlocked]
  • Finley: Rewards on repair [Trade a plank at the act 1 post boss pool]
  • Gill: Gain harpoons when hitting with harpoons [Found in a crate]
  • Shelbie: Empowers cannons they load [Finish an encounter without firing a cannon, Auto cannons also count]
  • Lotte: Cannons reload ammo [Finish a zone without getting hit] (pretty sure this is just beat a zone without letting the boat take damage, don’t know if armour counts)
  • Krillstoph: two hit paddle combo [Found in pick a door]
  • Quill: Damage scales based on consecutive hits [Beat the game]
  • Betty: Get raged on hit [get hit or stunned 50? times] (it could be slightly more)
  • Cluck: generate eggs over time [Use one of every type of egg across all play throughs]

About Ship Of Fools

Ship of Fools is a maritime cooperative roguelite where you play as the Fools, the only creatures foolish enough to face the sea.

It is a video game made for teamwork, where you will have to crush marine enemies with powerful cannons to protect a ship, which can be upgraded as you advance in the game, in battles that aim to be fast-paced. Ship of Fools has a detailed handmade artwork.

The Great Lighthouse that once protected the Archipelago is broken and a storm of malice and corruption is approaching.

Together with your crew, you will embark on The Stormstrider and make your way through the sea. Man the cannons, hoist the sails and protect your ship from the sea monsters in the various waves. It’s your job to protect your home against the mighty Aguapocalypse.

In a nutshell: Ship of Fools is a game in which you will blast sea enemies with powerful cannons to protect your ship.

It’s inspired by classic modern roguelites and is designed for cooperation, so you’ll want to have your first mate on board to enjoy the combat and unlock new gadgets and gizmos that will help you save the world from catastrophe.

Discover lost treasures and remote stores on the islands of the Archipelago, but plan your steps carefully! As you advance through the sector, the Eternal Storm mutates and changes, blocking the paths with its fury.

You’ll have to adjust your course to react to the storm’s movements and decide when to enter the eye of the storm.

Steer your ship as a lone sailor and make your way through dangerous waters to take all the glory: Ship of Fools offers solo and multiplayer play. As the old sailor tunes say: it’s better to have no crew than one that won’t stop arguing!

You have many Fools to play with, unique items to find and unlock, battles to engage in and many islands to visit, so each game will add something new to your journey. Improve your strength more and more and get ready to defeat the abyssal monsters.

Key Features:

– Frantic nautical combat as two sailors in co-op or on your own.

– Colossal leviathans that will challenge the most battle-hardened sailor.

– Plan your route on the Archipelago maps and take on the Eternal Storm.

– Bring to life one of the Fools, with special abilities to help you on your journey.

– Over 100 artifacts and gadgets to collect and combine into winning strategies.

– Detailed handmade artwork to add wind to your sails.



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