Slash Simulator Codes – Roblox – September 2023

Slash Simulator Codes

Last Updated on 4 September, 2023

All the valid Slashing or Slash Simulator Codes inj on list – Roblox Game by Crikyuu. The codes list is always updated, so just check the list for new codes and enjoy the rewards

Slash Simulator Codes – Full List

Slash Simulator was prevously known as Slashing Simulator, a Roblox game by Crikyuu, and here are the codes:

Valid Codes

Slash Simulator was prevously known as Slashing Simulator, a Roblox game by Crikyuu, and here are the codes:

  • release: Redeem this code and get 5,000 coins or cash as reward
  • bugs: Redeem this code and get 5,000 diamonds as reward
  • gingerbread: Redeem this code and get 100 snowballs as reward
  • New code: Next update (update 6), we will include it as soon as we check it works

We will include future codes into the list as soon as we check them work. Because all of our lists are always updated, we include new codes and when codes stop working we include them into the expired codes list.

If you want, you can also follow @Crikyuu on twitter for codes, exclusive items, and the latest news of the game

Slash Simulator Codes – Expired Codes

When a code expires, we include it in this list, because once expired, you can’t redeem it anymore:

Slash Simulator Codes – How to Redeem?

Click on the codes button, one of the first buttons on the left side of the screen, then enter your code and click on redeem (green button). Any doubt? You don’t find the codes button? check this video from youtuber Gaming Dan:

How to play Slash Simulator – Roblox game by Crikyuu

  • Get stronger by slashing your weapon
  • Earn gems by being king of the hill, capturing control points, or killing npcs/bosses/players
  • Collect and raise pets to train faster using gems
  • Sell your strength for gold and upgrade your weapons, mana, and skills
  • Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards!

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