Solar Smash Order 66 Achievement guide

Solar Smash Order 66 Achievement

Last Updated on 31 May, 2022

Solar Smash Order 66 Achievement guide – A step by step guide to unlock the secret achievement Order 66 & the Lightsaber

The achievement tells you to shoot 66 missiles, and that’s all you have to do, we explain how

Solar Smash Order 66 Achievement – Steps

It is one of the easiest achievements, you just have to know how to configure your missile attack, although when you see the solution you will see that it was quite intuitive

  1. Select Missile attack > then select multiple missiles
  2. Set the values to 5 (Top row) & 66 (Bottom row)
  3. To destroy the globe, aim at any area in the middle

Well, that, there were not many more options, you had to choose 66 missiles and they had to be multiple

How to Unlock Lightsaber?

It is an automatic reward that is achieved at the same time as unlocking the Order 66 achievement. It is one of the best weapons in the game, so just for that we recommend you get this achievement as soon as possible

Solar Smash Order 66 Achievement – Video Guide

In case after the instructions you have any doubts, you can’t find the missiles, or whatever, we leave you this Android Tek video guide, so you can see that it won’t take even half a minute to unlock Secret Achievement Order 66

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