Song of Farca Password List – All the Codes

Song of Farca Password

Last Updated on 21 August, 2021

Song of Farca Password List – All the Codes – solutions to the logic tests of the game, or clues if you prefer to try on your own

If you prefer to try to deduce the passwords on your own, skip the first section and go to the second, where we give you clues to try

Song of Farca Password List – All the Codes

These are all the passwords & codes you are going to need

  • Sir Derpalot – 2317
  • Privacy is Dead – 2015
  • The Roikonen Progeny: Aker – 5319
  • The Roikonen Progeny: Gyga – 6135
  • Shatze’s Favor: Room 9507 – 1408
  • Shatze’s Favor: Room 9603 – 3401
  • Martyr’s Flesh – 0900
  • Shatze’s Favor: Room 9620 – 4637
  • Shatze’s Favor: Roof – 4240
  • It’s Dark In Here – 3540
  • A Way Out: Antlers – 5624
  • A Way Out: Notes – 4526
  • Rotten Fruits – 0394

If you need more details, keep reading:

Song of Farca Password List – Hints & Solutions

Most of them are pretty easy, so you may just need a little help to get there

  • Sir Derpalot – Manager’s Office, tablet password: The code is hidden in the reflection
  • Privacy is Dead – Jessica’s Flat, computer’s password: Based on the number of fins
  • The Roikonen Progeny: Aker – Aker’s Kitchen, tablet password: Overlay the code image on the password panel, start from the star in the middle and then go along the direction of the arrow
  • The Roikonen Progeny: Gyga – password of the bomb shelter located in Farca Catacombs: Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2…with the clues this one is easy
  • Martyr’s Flesh – Conference Room. Storeroom password: flags resemble the clock hands, but mirrored
  • Shatze’s Favor: Room 9507 – El Futuro building. Room 9507: Find the room, then turn off the laser
  • Shatze’s Favor: Room 9603 – El Futuro building. Room 9603: Each symbol is a number x4
  • Shatze’s Favor: Room 9620 –  El Futuro building. Room 9620: Match pictures with numbers clues
  • Shatze’s Favor: Roof – Roof. Air ventilation system password: based on the number of blue balls of the light string that meet the requirements (left)
  • It’s Dark In Here – Deserted old house. Safe Password: Draw the route and overlay it to the password panel, start with 9
  • A Way Out: Antlers – Old Town Theater. Dressing room password: Just follow the arrows
  • A Way Out: Notes – Shop on Resident St. Safe password: flower position = letter = number
  • Rotten Fruits – Joe’s house. Safe password: Clue – Troll has 2 possible places, but only one connect with dragon

Video Walkthrough

Here is a full game walkthrough, in case you need help with everything that is not deducting a password

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