Soul Knight Pets guide

Soul Knight Pets

Last Updated on 29 September, 2022

Welcome to the Soul Knight Pets guide, where we will show you all the pets, and the method to obtain each one of them in the game

Most of the pets require gems to unlock, so visit the Codes list to earn some

Soul Knight Pets – Full List

  • Cat: is the default pet
  • Dog: Pay 1,000 gems to unlock
  • Pig: Pay 1,000 gems to unlock
  • Slime: Pay 1,000 gems to unlock
  • Robot: Pay 1,000 gems to unlock
  • Rabbit: Pay 1,000 gems to unlock
  • Can’bellied Pig: Pay 1,000 gems to unlock
  • Pingeon: Pay 6,666 gems to unlock
  • Panda: Pay $1, 0.99 GBP, 1.29 AUD or 1.49 SGD through the Lucky Cat to unlock
  • Douwa: Only available in certain Chinese regions
  • Tap: Only available on TapTap Apps, and you also need to complete the Legendary Hunter Achievement to unlock
  • Baby Seal: Only available on TapTap Platform, and you also need to verify cloudsave account to unlock
  • Inherited Bug: Complete the Family Treasure Achievement to unlock
  • Owl: The cost is unknown

Soul Knight Pets – Garden Pets

  • Devil’s Snare: You need the seed, and you can obtain it defeating the Devil’s Snare. The only other one time source is the Legendary Hunter Achievement. It’s a great pet, and the only that performs ranged attacks
  • Titan Arum: You also need its seed, but appears randomly. And it’s also a great pet, that bites enemies, like the wolf (druid)

Soul Knight Pets – FAQ

  • Combat: Pets attack enemies and also draw their fire
  • Can’t die: When a pet take too much damage, it gets deactivated, but after 30 seconds, it will return to the combat
  • Heal: The Priest can heal the pets while they are active
  • Pet Food: Increase the pet health, and you can feed them in the living room, up to 5 times.
  • Change pet: In the lobby, before choosing the characters

Soul Knight Pets – How to get?

How to get the Inherited Bug?

Complete the Family Treasure achievement, we show you how

How to get the Panda?

Basically you have to feed the Panda with a carrot, but we show you how

How to get the Secret Doom Corp Robot Skin?

And again, we show you how

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