Space Journey X Cheats

Space Journey X Cheats

Last Updated on 3 November, 2023

Space Journey X Cheats – console commands (infinite money or any cargo and inventory item), x3, x4 and x5 Combos (for minigames)

Space Journey X Cheats – Console Commands

With these cheats or console commands you can get infinite Money, and any object:

  • += 10000
  • Cargo items:
    • GAME.ship.loadWare(“ITMPodEnergy”)
    • Other cargo codes: ITMPodNano, ITMPodBio, ITMFlux, ITMPositron, ITMTunneling, ITMOutput
  • Inventory items:
    • Other item codes: “ITMLiquorFairy”, “ITMLiquorDrengarian”, ..

Of course you can modify the figure in the case of the money cheat, or you can use it as many times as you want, so basically, infinite money

Space Journey X Cheats – Combos

The combos you need to unlock everything (w = wait, s = slap….), very useful for minigames

  • Nimhe:
    • 3 Combo: t-p-t
    • 4 Combo: p-s-t-s
    • 5 Combo: s-b-t-s-t
  • T’Ris:
    • 3 Combo: p-t-w
    • 4 Combo: p-s-w-t
    • 5 Combo: b-w-s-p-t
  • Khelara:
    • 3 Combo: p-t-p
    • 4 Combo: p-s-p-s
    • 5 Combo: s-b-s-p-s

Space Journey X Cheats – Mods

With these cheats, there is not much need to use mods, and we do not recommend them. Mods that modify game data can permanently damage all your game progress, as happens with URM

About the Game

Along with an extraterrestrial female deep space investigator, whose ship our human hero unintentionally destroyed, they are propelled through space.
Our hero’s mission is to make his money and set out on the protracted voyage back home, dealing with strange women, insane bots, and adventures in his route. He is supported by an overconfident drone and a mysterious passenger.

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