Spotify Island Items Guide

Spotify Island Items Guide

Last Updated on 19 July, 2022

Spotify Island Items Guide – All the items you can get for free, and how to unlock them, with locations, tips and video guides

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Spotify Island Items Guide – All the Items

These are all the available free items:

  • Hwaiting: Complete the Tutorial – Just follow the green arrows and buy effects
  • 5-Petal Backpack: Collect the x20 Music Notes (check the locations guide)
  • Annyeong: Find and jump on 13 different mushrooms (super easy, you don’t need a guide)
  • Floating Boombox: Trigger x10 sounds in the Music Cave and also x10 sounds on the music trampoline (super easy, you don’t need a guide)
  • Butterfly Wings – Sunmi: Visit K-Park (through the portal near the spawn)
  • Screenshot Patchwork Jacket: Parkour over x20 obstacles (Not obtainable yet)

If there is any other item you don’t know how to get, leave us a comment and we’ll update this guide with the tips you need.

Music Notes Location – 5-Petal Backpack

Mythione will be showing you how to find all 20 music notes in Spotify Island. Collecting all 20 music notes will give you the 5-Petal Backpack!

About Spotify Island

Welcome to Spotify Island. Your next adventure awaits!

Meet your favorite artists!
Play with sounds!
Explore quests!
Collect special merch!
Have fun and be kind!
The possibilities are endless!

Like reward goal!
10K Likes = Double XP!
20K Likes = Promo code: SPOTIFY20K
30K Likes = Promo code: SPOTIFY30K
Next reward at 40K likes!

We hope you got all the free items with our tips. If you need to find anything, do not hesitate to leave us a comment

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