Stalcraft Orderly Base Safe Code

Stalcraft Orderly Base Safe Code

Last Updated on 24 December, 2022

Stalcraft Orderly Base Safe Code – Check our guide where you will find useful tips such as how to get the safe code.

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What is the Safe Code in STALCRAFT’s Orderly Base?

If you don’t want to go through all of that and just want the benefits, enter these digits instead.

  • 76834

Is the safe code.

Stalcraft Orderly Base Safe Code

STALCRAFT is a horror-themed MMO shooter. Includes:

  • Survival themes
  • Implying that resources are limited.

As a result, you’ll need every advantage you can get to stay alive or gain ahead.

The safe in the Orderly Base is one place where you can gain some resources. Unfortunately, it is code-locked, as is the case with safes. If you want to explore and discover it, you can, or you can just follow my guide.

How to Get it

You may have come across the safe while completing the task. The safe contains ammo, which will come in handy during your adventures. You will also receive some random goods such as skins for crafting. You should not be overlooked with the bounty in the safe.

The procedure of obtaining the code can be time-consuming because it entails performing side missions and reading notes. As you progress through the base, you receive the code one number at a time.

With 5 numbers in total, it may take some time to collect all of the numbers required.

A brief intro about Stalcraft

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the setting of the free-to-play dynamic MMO game Stalcraft, which combines survival and shooter gameplay. The game’s square army figures stand out in the realistic-looking setting, making it a crossover between Roblox and Escape from Tarkov. We’ll provide you the foundational knowledge everyone should have before setting out on this post-apocalyptic voyage because you’ll be fighting a lot of foes, scavenging for resources, and generally exploring a new world.


In Stalcraft, there are two factions to pick from:

  • Bandits
  • Stalkers

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