Standoff 2 Best Settings & Sensitivity

Standoff 2 Best Settings sensitivity

Last Updated on 27 September, 2022

We provide you the Standoff 2 Best Settings & Sensitivity, improve your aiming with the sensitivities, your mobile’s performance with the graphics & Device settings, and get some tips for the rest of the settings

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Standoff 2 Best Settings – Video

With these video settings you will improve your FPS and in-game performance:

  • Shader Detail: Very Low (better FPS) – High (only for HQ devices) *
  • Texture Detail: Very Low (better FPS) – High (only for HQ devices) *
  • Model Detail: Very Low (better FPS) – High (only for HQ devices) *
  • Effect Detail: Very Low (better FPS) – High (only for HQ devices) *
  • Anti Aliasing: always disabled
  • Ansotropic Filtering: always disabled
  • Post processing: always on
  • Target FPS: Try with 60, is enough

If you play with a cheap or old device use very low or at least low video settings. If you play with a HQ device, try with High, but if you don’t reach 60 FPS while playing try with medium or low.

Standoff 2 Best Settings – Controls

The sensivity and crosshair settings will help you to aim better. The rest of the controls settins are not as important, you can choose the settings with wich you feel most comfortable or simply copy ours

Sensitivity Settings

  • Sensitivity: 3.25
  • Scope Sensitivity: 2.07
  • Acceleration: 0.00

Crosshair Settings

  • Point size: 0.00
  • Line: On
  • Line thickness: 7.54
  • Lines Length: 7.11
  • Line distance: 0.00
  • Crosshair Type: Static

Rest of the Controls Settings

  • Jump: Button
  • Joystick: Fixed
  • Fire Button: Zone Only
  • Crosshair: your choice
  • Crouch button mode: Hold

Standoff 2 Best Settings – Game

  • Region: Your region…
  • FPS Counter: Off (activate it only to see your FPS before and after changing the settings)
  • View Arms and weapon: Classic
  • Switch weapon on pick up: Off (otherwise it will change your weapon automatically)
  • Restore Transacions: Restore

Standoff 2 Best Settings – Videoguide

If you still have any doubt about the settings you can check this video from the youtuber Felixtense

We hope this settings work as well for you as they do for us

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