Stella Arcana Best Class & Classes overview

Stella Arcana Best Class

Last Updated on 17 September, 2023

Stella Arcana Best Class & Classes overview – Dedice wich is your class knowing them a little better, we have already made a choice

Classes Overview

If you want take a look and compare classes with this overview

  Agility Armour Attack Control Healing Stamina
Elven Archer 5 4 4,5 4 2 4
Holy Priest 2 4 2,5 3 5 4
Omni Warrior 4,5 5 4 4 3 5
Rune Mage 4 3,5 5 4 2 3
Shadow Assassin 5 4 5 3 2 3,5
Rosen Knight ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

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Stella Arcana Best Class – Elven Archer

The Elven Archer is a DPS Ranged class:

  • Strengths: Very Strong, Amazing mobility, and also the best attack range
  • Weaknesses: Healing, Close combat, and also difficult to master (difficulty 4/5)

Stella Arcana Best Class – Holy Priest

The Holy Priest is a Support / Healer class:

  • Strengths: The best and only healer in the game
  • Weaknesses: Everything else, and also not easy to master (difficulty 3/5)

Stella Arcana Best Class – Omni Warrior

The Omni Warrior is a Tank / Warrior class:

  • Strengths: Nice Attack, Great agility and also The best Armour & Stamina in the game, great for close combat and also the best balanced
  • Weaknesses: No weaknesses, well, maybe is not easy to master (difficulty 3/5)

Stella Arcana Best Class – Rune Mage

The Rune Mage is an AoE Ranged class:

  • Strengths: Best Attack in game and also a nice agility
  • Weaknesses: Weakest armour and lowest stamina in game, also difficult to master (difficulty 4/5)

Stella Arcana Best Class – Shadow Assassin

The Shadow Assassin is an Assassin class:

  • Strengths: Amazing Damage and Agility (best in game in both stats)
  • Weaknesses: Stamina & Control are very low, also the hardest to master (difficulty 5/5)

Stella Arcana Best Class – Rosen Knight

Rosen Knight is not available yet but, according to what we have read in some Light of Thel forums, he will be another Tank class, probably a Tank / Defender instead of a Tank Warrior like Omni Warrior. In the SEA version Rosen Knight absorbs damage with his shield, so it seems very obvious

What is the best class?

Of course there is not a better class, because each one of them has its own and unique role in the game. For example, the Holy Priest seems to be the weakest class in the game, but like in every other similar game, your team is nothing without a healer / support. In fact if there are two essential classes those classes are the healer and the tank. Anyway, If what interests you is to know wich class is the strongest, to specialize in it, in our opinion there are two classes stronger than the rest:

Shadow Assassin

Is the hardest class to master, like most of the assassins in most of the games. But the Shadow Assassin has an amazing combination of Attack + Agility + Armour, wich makes him something between the Assassin and the Warrior Class. In fact we have used the Shadow Assassin instead of the Omni Warrior with very positive results

Elven Archer

Both Ranged attackers are really strong when attacking, but the Rune Mage Stamina is a big deal, and more if we take in account her little armor and less agility. We also think so far, the DPS is more useful than the AoE.

On the other hand if you have not played this type of game much, and want to try something easy, the Omni Warrior is the best balanced class

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