Stellaris Traditions ID List

Stellaris Traditions ID ids

Last Updated on 28 May, 2023

Welcome to the Stellaris Traditions ID List, you will find all the Traditions and their ids, and we will show you how to use them (console commands & cheat)

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How to use the Cheat / Console Command?

You can use the IDs we are going to provide you with the cheat:

Tradition (activate) – activate_tradition X: Where X is the id of the Tradition

Example: activate_tradition tr_expansion_adopt

If you want to check more cheats, go to Console Commands.

Stellaris Traditions ID List – Full List

Traditions – Expansion

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Expansion Traditions tr_expansion_adopt
Colonization Fever tr_expansion_colonization_fever
A New Life tr_expansion_a_new_life
Courier Network tr_expansion_courier_network
Reach for the Stars tr_expansion_reach_for_the_stars
Galactic Ambition tr_expansion_galactic_ambition

Traditions – Domination

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Domination Traditions tr_domination_adopt
Colonial Viceroys tr_domination_colonial_viceroys
Fleet Levies tr_domination_fleet_levies
Protection Racket tr_domination_protection_racket
Star Lords tr_domination_star_lords
Vassal Acculturation tr_domination_vassal_acculturation

Traditions – Purity

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Purity Traditions tr_purity_adopt
Never Surrender tr_purity_never_surrender
Symbol of Purity tr_purity_symbol_purity
Natural Order tr_purity_natural_order
The Chosen tr_purity_the_chosen
Waste Processing tr_purity_waste_processing
Appropriation tr_purity_appropriation

Traditions – Harmony

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Harmony Traditions tr_harmony_adopt
The Greater Good tr_harmony_the_greater_good
Kinship tr_harmony_kinship
Bulwark of Harmony tr_harmony_bulwark_of_harmony
Utopian Dream tr_harmony_utopian_dream
Mind and Body tr_harmony_mind_and_body

Traditions – Synchronicity

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Self-Preservation Protocols tr_synchronicity_self_preservation
Drone Network tr_synchronicity_drone_network
Cyber-Comms tr_synchronicity_cyber_comms
Organic Utopia tr_synchronicity_organic_paradise
Organic Intermediaries tr_synchronicity_organic_intermediaries

Traditions – Supremacy

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Supremacy Traditions tr_supremacy_adopt
The Great Game tr_supremacy_great_game
Above the Fray tr_supremacy_above_the_fray
Armed Deterrence tr_supremacy_armed_deterrence
Natural Preeminence tr_supremacy_natural_preeminence
Right of Conquest tr_supremacy_right_of_conquest
Master Shipwrights tr_supremacy_master_shipwrights
War Games tr_supremacy_war_games
Warrior Mindset tr_supremacy_overwhelming_force

Traditions – Diplomacy

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Diplomacy Traditions tr_diplomacy_adopt
The Federation tr_diplomacy_the_federation
Entente Coordination tr_diplomacy_entente_coordination
Dynamic Ecomorphism tr_diplomacy_dynamic_ecomorphism
Federal Unity tr_diplomacy_federal_unity
Alien Tourism tr_diplomacy_alien_tourism

Traditions – Adaptability

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Adaptability Traditions tr_adaptability_adopt
Dietary Enrichment tr_adaptability_dietary_enrichment
Survival of the Fittest tr_adaptability_survival_fittest
$tr_diplomacy_dynamic_ecomorphism$ tr_adaptability_dynamic_ecomorphism
Environmental Diversification tr_adaptability_environmental_diversification
Adaptive Ecology tr_adaptability_adaptive_ecology

Stellaris Traditions ID List – Versatility

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Versatility Traditions tr_versatility_adopt
Adaptive Programming tr_versatility_adaptive_programming
Operational Proxies tr_versatility_operational_proxies
Peak Performance tr_versatility_peak_performance
Material Analysis tr_versatility_material_analysis
Universal Compatibility tr_versatility_universal_compatibility

Stellaris Traditions ID List – Discovery

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Discovery Traditions tr_discovery_adopt
To Boldly Go tr_discovery_to_boldly_go
$tech_databank_uplinks$ tr_discovery_databank_uplinks
Science Division tr_discovery_science_division
Polytechnic Education tr_discovery_polytechnic_education
Faith in Science tr_discovery_faith_in_science

Stellaris Traditions ID List – Prosperity

Tradition Name Tradition ID or Cheat Code
Prosperity Traditions tr_prosperity_adopt
Standard Construction Templates tr_prosperity_sct
Administrative Operations tr_prosperity_administrative_operations
Fleet Logistics Corps tr_prosperity_fleet_logistical_corps
Trans-Stellar Corporations tr_prosperity_trans_stellar_corporations
The Pursuit of Profit tr_prosperity_pursuit_of_profit
Efficiency Algorithms tr_prosperity_efficiency_algorithms

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