Stranded Alien Dawn How to get more Survivors guide

Stranded Alien Dawn How to get more Survivors

Last Updated on 10 December, 2023

Stranded Alien Dawn How to get more Survivors guide – It is not easy, but surely after reading this guide you will get a few

Getting more survivors is not a matter of time, years can pass without you getting more. So if you want to get them you will have to go for them.

Stranded Alien Dawn How to get more Survivors

You will get a guaranteed first survivor right after building the Balloon. He is perhaps the easiest survivor to get, and is guaranteed

After getting the first survivor, there are certain scenarios where it is easier to add new survivors, we show you some examples:

  • Crash Landing scenario: Probably the best option, or the one that requires the least effort. Some will go directly to your camp, and others will join while you go on expeditions. If you are slow to receive new additions, we recommend using different seeds until they appear
  • Military Outpost scenario: Another scenario where it is easy to add new members to your team
  • Trading Outpost Scenario: Hire new workers through the Trading Pod, their response is not guaranteed or immediate, but you should be able to get them

If you know of any other method, leave us a comment so we can add it to the guide, we will be infinitely grateful.

About the game

Face a new world in Stranded: Alien Dawn, a planetary survival simulator in which you control the fate of a small abandoned group. In immersive, absorbing strategic gameplay, craft your story and make critical decisions to protect survivors from hunger, disease, extreme weather conditions, and more. Build fortresses to protect survivors from attacks by the alien creatures that roam this vast, deadly world, from basic camps to fortified bases. Take part in an epic and unpredictable journey.

Stranded: Alien Dawn tests you and your companions to their limits. Limited resources, unpredictability of atmospheric conditions, disease, and hostile alien creatures make establishing yourself in an unforgiving world difficult. Because the next challenge is never far away, you must constantly strengthen your foundation.

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