Street Fighter 6 Secrets to Accessing Alternate Outfits

Street Fighter 6 Secrets to Accessing Alternate Outfits

Last Updated on 27 June, 2023

Street Fighter 6 Secrets to Accessing Alternate Outfits. Methods to obtain classic costumes through gameplay or in-game purchases, and learn how to personalize your Avatar’s appearance.

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Street Fighter 6 Secrets to Accessing Alternate Outfits

Street Fighter 6 is also about showing off your style. The game offers an exciting feature that allows players to modify their favorite fighter’s appearance. However, these fashionable alternations are not so easily attained. To unlock these coveted alternate outfits in Street Fighter 6, you’ll need to devote both effort and game currency.

In instances where two players choose the same fighter for a match, the presence of alternate colors comes to the rescue, allowing differentiation, provided extra costumes haven’t been unlocked.

A Unique Approach: Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Character

One interesting divergence in the game’s costume mechanics involves the Avatar character. Unlike other characters, the Avatar, employed in the Battle Hub and World Tour mode, allows players to unlock individual clothing items either through gameplay or by purchasing with in-game currencies. This customization option facilitates a personalized mix-and-match approach to the Avatar’s outfits, rather than confining the player to a single costume. Here’s an in-depth guide to unlocking these sought-after alternate costumes in Street Fighter 6.

Unlocking Street Fighter 6’s Alternate Costumes: Steps Guide

Purchasers of the Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition or the Ultimate Pass gain immediate access to the game’s classic costumes, providing an additional outfit for each character. The primary allure of the Ultimate Pass lies in its offer of extra characters, although they aren’t available immediately at launch.

For those disinclined to make additional purchases, Street Fighter 6 provides alternative means to unlock these classic outfits. You can acquire all classic costumes in the in-game Shop at the cost of 50 Fighter Coins each. Note that Fighter Coins, the game’s premium currency, can only be procured with real-world money. Unlike the outfit colors, these alternate costumes cannot be purchased using Drive Tickets, earnable in-game by completing challenges.

An additional method of unlocking new costumes involves engagement with the World Tour mode. Once you encounter a Street Fighter 6 character, you can complete quests for them and build a Persona-style relationship by offering them gifts. As you assist your new master and engage in battles following their style, you accumulate points. Maxing out their Bond through gift-giving and style mimicry will earn you the coveted classic costume.

A Foreseeable Surge in Street Fighter 6 Costumes and Colors

While the initial launch of Street Fighter 6 may seem sparse in costume and color options, rest assured this will not remain the case. Drawing from Street Fighter 5’s history of rich microtransactions and cosmetic add-ons, it’s clear that Street Fighter 6 will soon inundate the game with outfit choices for those players ready to dig into their virtual wallets. Stay prepared and make the most out of your gaming experience.

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