Subway Midnight Endings – Good Ending & Secret Ending

Subway Midnight Endings

Last Updated on 16 January, 2023

Subway Midnight Endings – Good Ending & Secret Ending – All the steps to unlock all the endings of the game

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Subway Midnight Endings – Good Ending

A guide to solve all the puzzles to unlock the Good Ending:

Fishing Girl puzzle:

  • Pick up the tackle box next to the subway turnstile (just after the start)
  • In the fuses & shark section, get the fuse from the end of the room, go back to the lift, fall onto the platform (where the girl is), and talk to the girl

Computer Girl puzzle:

  • Reach the black & white room with screens showing INPUT > Choose all the blue symbols
  • Get the CD > Next Room > use the CD on the right side of the large computer

Gamer girl & Teddy Bear girl puzzle:

  • Get 8 diamonds in Colin’s Game and find the 2nd 8x diamond door (square section that loops) > behind there is a letter
  • 2nd Playthrough: talk to the teddy bear girl to get the teddy bear
  • 2nd Playthrough: Give the teddy bear to the gamer girl

Painter Girl puzzle

  • Last section of the Rotating red room: use one of the arrows twice to rotate the room behind you, go back and pick the red paint
  • Yellow maze room: Take the narrow path of the middle section to get the yellow paint
  • Orange room:  last section of memory tiles > step on the tile above
  • Blue room: Unmissable (middle path)
  • Green room: Pick up all the flowers > In front of the door
  • Violet Gallery room (pick up all the flowers): closest red, gold, yellow, green, blue, purple, red at end

Benny puzzle:

  • Give all the flowers from the Painter Girl section to Benny

Girl with Dog puzzle:

  • Pet the dog after every door

Subway Midnight Endings – Secret Good Ending

Requires: Unlock the Good Ending (Previous Section) > Exit the Game

It is achieved by completing the game again. Although from the beginning you will notice that some things change. Well, try to repeat everything you did to get the good ending, but doing these three things:

  1. Start the game up at midnight in real time, you can also change your computer’s time to 00:00
  2. Reach the 1st room that contains plugs and outlets > Interact with the television (with ghostly particles) > Approach Eleanor & Julia
  3. Reach the room where you normally meet Kiki > Interact with the (now alone) teddy bear (space key)

Subway Midnight Endings – Bad Ending

Complete the game for the first time without meeting the requirements of the good ending

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