Subway Surfers Cheats

Subway Surfers Cheats

Last Updated on 17 November, 2021

Subway Surfers Cheats – Learn how to use the best cheats & Glitches explained with step by step guides & tutorials

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Subway Surfers Cheats – A Free Past Board

Cheat Output: Flamingo Board

  • Change the device’s date to May 30 2013
  • Open the game and check the flamingo board is now in the boards section

Subway Surfers Cheats – Jetpack Jump

Cheat Output: Jump High

  • Get the jetpack
  • Use it until it runs out of fuel and swipe up quickly or swipe up quickly just after you get the last coin

Subway Surfers Cheats – Back forward Run

Cheat Output: Run backwards

  • Requirement: Mystery Box or Mega Headstart (buy it or get it)
  • Start playing and die after 5 seconds
  • Click on your headstart just after your die

Subway Surfers Cheats – Time Travel

Cheat Output: Get removed characters & missions

  • Change the device’s date to the date when the character or mission was active
  • Check all the available Time Travel dates

Subway Surfers Cheats – Lucky Death

Cheat Output: Run without moving

  • Requirement: an obstacle in front and a train to the right
  • Turn to the right of the train just before death
  • Swipe in any direction

Subway Surfers Cheats – Coin Doubler Jetpack

Cheat Output: Collect x2 coins when using a jetpack

  • Requirement: Upgraded Super Sneakers (Power Up)
  • Find a jetpack with the upgraded super sneakers still active
  • Collect Coins

Hover Mixture

Cheat Output: Jetpack will act like a Hoverboard

  • Activate the hoverboard
  • Pick up a Jetpack when the hoverboard perfectly ends

Coin Accelerator

Cheat Output: Lot of Coins

  • Google Play > Search “Subway Surfers Cheat” > Open it > Get Free Coins
  • Open Subway Surfers and check your coins

Moving Smoke

Cheat Output: changes the jetpack’s smoke direction

  • Requires the Bouncer Hoverboard
  • Activate the Bouncer hoverboard
  • Pick up a Jetpack, when the Bouncer is still active

Invisi Board

Cheat Output: makes the hoverboard invisible

  • Requires to activate the cheat “Back Forward Run”
  • Start playing
  • Lose after 5 seconds
  • Click on your mega headstart
  • If you fly back forward, activate your hoverboard just when you land

Frozen Flyer

Cheat Output: makes the hoverboard invisible

  • Start your run and die right away
  • After you die use the mega headstart
  • Move while you fly

Infinite Jetpack

Cheat Output: Infinite Jetpack

  • Collide with a train and put a Headstart at the same time
  • Relive the game using a Key.

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