Summertime Saga Ms Bissette – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Bissette

Last Updated on 15 August, 2023

Welcome to Summertime Saga Ms Bissette – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Ms Bissette – Requirements

  • Strength 2 at least
  • Money: at least $500
  • The master key: Principal Smith’s office
  • A working computer and also a library subscription

Summertime Saga Ms Bissette – Walkthrough

French Dictionary – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Go to school > french class and ask Ms Bissette for private tutoring. You will have to find a French dictionary.
  • Talk to Jane at the library, but when she gives you the dictionary tell her about the pages ripped, then tell the same to Ms Bissette
  • Talk with Judith (left hallway) and get her dictionary. Go to the computer lab, try to print and ask June for help. When you print the dictionary, give it back to Judith and go to the french class

Homework I – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Go to the french class and Ms Bissette will give you homeworks. Go to the library and take the book you need, but Jane will ask you to get back 3 books:
    • Erik: Find the book under his bed
    • Martinez: Go to school > left hallway, and follow Martinez to the boys locker room, then open her backpack and take the book
    • Dexter: He is at the basketball court, in the afternoon. Then go to the right hallway, open the beaten up locker and take the book. The key you need is in the Principal Smith’s office
  • Give the 3 books to jane (library) and she will give you the book you need, then go home and do your homeworks.
  • Next day, go to french class and wait for your first reward

Homework II – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Next day, go meet Ms Bissete, who will ask you for a poem. Go to talk to Jane at the library, but untill Mia appears (afternoon) and talk with her. The french romance book is in the library backroom, take it and go home to do your homework
  • Go to the computer lab (next day), print your poems and give them to Ms Bissette.

Final Scene – Ms Bissette’s route

  • Next day evening go to Ms Bissette’s office (3rd floor)
  • The day after, meet Roxxy and talk with her. She wants her pom poms, so go to coach Bridget’s office in the morning and take them from the locker. Hide inside the locker, then give the pom poms to Roxxy and offer her Jenny’s help. Go home, pay $500 to jenny for her help and talk to Roxxy.
  • The next afternoon welcome the cheerleader downstairs
  • Next day in the evening talk to Ms Bissette
  • And finally, one day after, go to the french class, pass the quiz (Bike – cheese – lips) and join Ms Bissette upstairs for your final scene

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