Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt

Last Updated on 15 August, 2023

Welcome to Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Requirements

You just need the Master Key, and you can find it in Principal Smith’s office

Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Walkthrough

Flute – Ms Dewitt’s route

  • Go to the music class to meet Ms Dewitt
  • Next day go to the music class she will ask you for help, but you need an instrument. Look for Judith (left hallway) and ask her about the flute. Open Judith’s locker (COW) with the master key and take the flute. As you can see, you need a new one
  • Go to Raven Hill and pick the stick (on the floor), then go to your garage, take the drill (shelf) and do your best in the workbench. When you finish go talk to Ms Dewitt

Volunteers – Ms Dewitt’s route

  • Eve: Next day go to the music class, you will have to find 2 volunteers. First tal to Eve, then meet her and Erik in Erik’s Basement in the evening where you have to win a minigame
  • Kevin: next day talk to Kevin at the cafeteria, he needs a guitar. Convince Erik to replace Mr Johson’s guitar. Take the wood planks from the treehouse and find the paint. First try in your garage, then ask Debbie and finally ask Diane. Now you can get the paint from diane’s garden. Go to your garage, use the workbench, and replace the guitar in Erik’s basement. Next day give the guitar to kevin and inform Ms Dewitt

Concert & Ending – Ms Dewitt’s route

  • Next day go to the music class, then to the auditorium, and then to Principal Smith’s office to find the culprits looking through the keyhole. Talk to Ms Dewitt, and in the evening go to the park to talk to Eve, Chad… Go to meet Erik at his house and talk him about beer, then take the beer case (basement)
  • Next day go to the auditorium > music class > Auditorium > Ms Dewitt Office
  • The day after, go to the music class and meet Eve and Kevin there, then go to the science class. Ask Erik for help, and in the evening meet him again in front of the school yard. Follow the robed people (left hallway), and go to the Principal Smith’s office (3rd floor), be evil
  • Next day go to the Principal Smith’s office, then join your band at the auditorium
  • After the concert, go to talk to Ms Dewitt (music class), and in the evening go to her office for the final scene

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