Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Okita

Last Updated on 22 August, 2022

Welcome to Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Requirements

  • Charisma 7 and also Intelligence 8
  • Master Key: Principal Smith’s office

Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Walkthrough

Keycode, lenses & Belt – Ms Okita’s route

  • Go to the science class to meet Ms Okita
  • Next day go back to the class, and Okita will ask you for a keycode. Go to Principal Smith’s office in the afternoon and take the note inside the desk, then use the code (6219) in Ms Okita’s office door. Find Konterina, pick the blueprints, the lab coat and the safety glasses, and give everyhing to Ms Okita
  • Find Okita, she wants her lenses, then talk to Judith and accept her invitation (park afternoon). But go to her locker (COW) and open it with the master key, take the glasses and talk with Ms Okita, complete the glasses and follow her to her office.
  • Next day go visit Ms Okita, the okitatron belt needs a faptic engine. Find June in the computer lab, she will hepl you with the engine. The talk to Erik (science class), he will help you with the Master Blaster. Climb up the treehouse behind his house, take the controler and give it to June, then give the faptic engine to Okita. Fix the belt and see what happens

Final Experiment & Scene – Ms Okita’s route

  • Wait 3 days and go to the science class, after some conversations Okita ask you for 5 ingredients:
    • Mushroom: Forest > evening > in the clearing
    • Toad: Forest > evening > Outside the cave
    • Flower: Forest > evening > inside the cave
    • Stock: Next day > Mall > Consum R > Buy the Chicken stock
    • Luminiscent Flower: Afternoon > Principal Smith’s office > Convince Annie > Inside the trash
  • When you have everything tell Ms Okita, wait until the evening and go to her office, do your best and make 2 serums:
    • Blue: Flower, Principal Smith’s DNA and also chicken stock
    • Pink: Toad, mushroom and also …
  • Next day go to the teacher’s lounge in the morning and add the serum in the coffee, go to talk to Ms Okita and wait 3 days
  • Go to the science class, and in the evening go to ms Okita’s office for your final scene

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