Summertime Saga Roxxy – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Roxxy

Last Updated on 15 August, 2023

Welcome to Summertime Saga Roxxy – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Roxxy – Requirements

  • Strength 5, Dexterity 3 and also Charisma 5
  • Money: 400$ at least

Summertime Saga Roxxy – Walkthrough

First Steps – Roxxy’s route

  • To start find Roxxy in the 3rd floor of the school, wait till next day and spy her talking in the girls locker room
  • Next day talk with Eve and Kevin at the school, then go to the basketball court and watch Roxxy and Dexter arguing. When you go back to school, Erik tells you that Coach Bridget is waiting you. After going to the courtyard, go to the boys locker room and talk with Becca and Missy for your first scene
  • Next day go to the french classroom and help Roxxy, the french homework is in your locker. Roxxy will give you her lollipop in exchange
  • Wait 1 day, go to school and meet Dexter
  • Next day go to meet Ms Bissete, wail till the evening, go to the trailer park, and check the new location (left side). Go back home and study with Roxxy in your bedroom
  • Wait 2 days and go to the school hall to meet Roxxy. Then go with her to the trailer, talk with Crystal there, with Clyde (tractor) and complete the shooting minigame. Go to the trailer again, to the bedroom, and wait 1 day

Beach Party – Roxxy’s route

  • Go to the french classroom, then to the basketball court, and then back to the class and talk with Roxxy about drinks. Go to talk with Erik, then to the girls, and go to the new location, The Pier.
  • Ask Captain Terry about the fake id, go to talk with Roxxy, then meet her at Hillside Mall and take a picture of you both.  Go back to the pier ($400) and enjoy the scene.
  • Go to school, then to the trailer, read the messsage on the door, go to the tractor, come back and talk with Debbie and Roxxy.
  • In the Police Station, talk with Earl (donut) and with Crystal (basement)
  • Go to the trailer and talk with Clyde (7 charisma)
  • Talk to Roxxy (school), and also with Clyde. At the evening go to Roxxy’s trailer, and then to the park and talk with Pilly
  • Meet Roxxy at school and wait 3 days
  • Talk to Roxxy (Ms Bissette’s class), then look for Missy (basketball court), and finally ask Captain Terry (pier) for Goldschwagger Vodka
  • Saturday afternoon go to the beach and play the bottle game
  • Go to the french class, and then steal the exams from the Principal Smith’s house (left of the school). You will find the exams in the desk of the bedroom, but you need the key (behind the painting)
  • Next day you will have an scene when you give the exams to Roxxy (school). Next day, after doing something for Ms Dewitt you will see Dexter and Becca, but it doesn’t matter for this walkthrough.

Bikini Contest – Roxxy’s route

  • Saturday afternoon go to the beach water, talk with Terry, then go with the girls and follow Roxxy to the changing room. Find the bikini and give it to her. Give her the massage oil also (beach tower), and enjoy

Beat Dexter – Roxxy’s route

  • On monday meet Erik at the school, then go to the courtyard and defeat Dexter (5 Strength)
  • Next day accept Roxxy’s invitation and enjoy
  • Next day you will have to beat Dexter again, so go to school and play the basketball minigame at the courtyard
  • And defeat him once more the next day at the school (5 strength and 3 dexterity)
  • In the evening you will have the final scene with Roxxy

Summertime Saga Roxxy – Bonus scenes

  • Locker: Next day go to school and have one extra scene
  • Beach: (requires the locker extra scene), go to play the bottle game and have another extra scene
  • Crystal: meet Roxxy in the trailer once more, wait one day and go to talk with Crystal during the day

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