Sun Haven Map & Locations

Sun Haven Map & Locations

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

Sun Haven Map & Locations – A high resolution map with the main locations and points of interest marked so you can find them

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Sun Haven Map & Locations – Full Map

This is the town map with the main locations marked (Click on the map to enlarge it), Credits to u/ChromaGlitch

We hope you find this map helpful in identifying the locations of the main sights in the game

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Sun Haven Map & Locations – Locations

The main locations in the game are marked on the map in this order:

  1. Home Sweet Home (Farm Land)
  2. Crafting Table
  3. Drop Off Bin (Sell Items
  4. Snaccoon Locations
  5. Wornhardt’s House
  6. Lynn’s house
  7. Catherine’s House
  8. Pet Shop (opens 8am)
  9. General store (opens 8am
  10. Town Hall / Bulletin Board
  11. Hospital
  12. Mining Gear Merchant
  13. Weapon Merchant
  14. Cynthia’s Shop
  15. Tavern
  16. Barraks
  17. Library
  18. Farming Store
  19. Sun Haven Cafe (repair)
  20. Bakery
  21. Kitty’s house
  22. Peter’s Shop
  23. Blacksmith
  24. Record Store
  25. Clothing Store
  26. Kara & Pod’s house
  27. Topi’s house

If you think something is missing, let us know and we will try to include it or give you the necessary instructions so you can find them

There are still areas to add, such as the Eastern Forest, the Western Forest, Withergate or Nel’Vari. The game map is very large, so we will be adding new areas in the next updates of this guide

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