Super Mario RPG Missables guide

Super Mario RPG Missables

Last Updated on 23 November, 2023

Super Mario RPG Missables guide – We explain where (locations) and how (steps) to get all the missables in the game

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Super Mario RPG Missables guide – Full List

There are a total of x9 missables, we explain how and where to get them all

  • Mushroom Castle Vault – Location: Mushroom Castle
    • How to get: Talk to Chancellor and complete the Shymore Invasion
  • Stolen Wallet – Location: Mushroom Castle Town
    • How to get: You get it through Croco. The prize varies depending on whether you give it to Toad (you get x1 Frog) or sell it (you get 123 coins)
  • Booster’s Charm – Location: 1st visit to Booster Tower
    • How to get: Hidden in the Booster minigame, don’t get caught
  • Samus Aran Easter Egg – Location: Mushroom Castle Guest Room
    • How to get: You must defeat Belome twice
  • Extra Frog Coin – Location: Rose Town
    • How to get: In a Treasure Hunter side mission
  • Nimbus’ Flower Jar – Location: Nimbus Castle
    • How to get: Inside the save room > Blue Nimbus
  • Seaside Town Shop – Location: Seaside Town
    • How to get: Reward after defeating Jonathon Jone
  • Link Statue – Location: Rose Town
    • How to get: After defeating Boywer, return and sleep at the inn
  • Feather Accesorie – Location: Nimbus Castle
    • How to get: Play Dodo Minigame, finish the game without getting caught and find the feather in the next room

About the game

Assemble a band of unusual heroes and embark on a captivating adventure to repair the wish-granting Starway. Super Mario RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch, and now it’s available in Spanish! Stop the sinister Fraguo Gang and meet a cast of diverse characters; the mysterious doll Geno and the kind Mallow are some of them.

As usual, Bowser is back at it again and has kidnapped Princess Peach. So here’s Mario to the rescue again! However, when Mario confronts him in Bowser’s Castle, a much more imposing enemy appears: Exor, the giant sword. It crashes into the castle and shatters the Starway, causing an earthquake of such proportions that it throws everyone into the air. Mario now has to find Princess Peach, forge new alliances, and thwart the evil plans of Exor and the Forge Gang before it’s too late.

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