Supreme Ruler Ultimate Cheats

Supreme Ruler Ultimate Cheats

Last Updated on 3 August, 2023

Supreme Ruler Ultimate Cheats & Output Functions – All the console commands you can use to cheat in-game – Infinite Money, Revive, colonize and more

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Supreme Ruler Ultimate Cheats – Full List

These are all the Supreme Ruler Ultimate Output Functions:

  • “cheat allowcheats” Causes the SR cheat mode to be activated. In SR2020 a taunting red message will appear at the top of the dialog box if you have successfully turned on cheats.
  • “cheat shelovesmenot” Causes the World Market or the U.N. to have 0% relations with you. In SR2020 your U.N. membership may be lost.
  • “cheat fullmapshow”. Hides the GUI for full map screenshots
  • “cheat georgew” Adds $10 billion to your treasury.
  • “cheat satellite” Sends up a new Reconnaissance satellite.
  • “cheat instantwin” Wins the game. Allows you to continue playing if you wish.
  • “cheat allunit” Allows you to build all units whether you have researched them or not. Allows the AI’s of the other regions to do this too.
  • “cheat onedaybuild” Causes all units that you order to be fabricated after this cheat is initiated
  • “cheat maxsat” Launches new Reconnaissance and Communications satellites without requiring that the player fabricate them.
  • “cheat endday” Removes many computer calculations normally performed by each of the many units in the game
  • “cheat trumpme” Adds or Subtracts $1 Trillion to your treasury. For when $100 billion isn’t enough, and you want to roll the dice in a Trump Casino.
  • “cheat worldwar” Every region declares war on every region
  • “cheat peace” Every region declares peace on every region

About the Game

Supreme Ruler Ultimate, the culmination of sixteen years of work on the Supreme Ruler series of Real Time Geo-Political Military Strategy Games for PC and Mac, is proudly presented by BattleGoat Studios. The stories, campaigns, scenarios, and features from our earlier games are expanded upon in Supreme Ruler Ultimate thanks to our upgraded game engine. As our world lurches from one crisis to the next, take command of any country in the world from World War II through the Cold War and into the near future. Try one of the many Set-Piece Scenarios for a shorter game, participate in historical or contemporary Campaigns with clear objectives, or personalize your gaming experience by selecting any nation from the various era Sandboxes and your own chosen Victory.

Play campaigns that are futuristic or historical.

  • In Sandbox Mode, take control of any nation to alter the course of history.
  • Play Historical Scenarios to test your mettle and enjoy a more rapid-fire gameplay experience
  • It’s called the butterfly effect. hundreds of historical events’ timelines and outcomes can be influenced.
  • Influence foreign policy by using diplomacy, trade, espionage, and intimidation.
  • Lead your country during a time of unparalleled scientific advancement.
  • Update your economic system to support your stance on social and political issues.
  • Complex real-time tactical and strategic command of your military forces.
  • Detailed, historically correct army, down to the level of the Battalion.
  • Select the degree of your control. Make all choices or enlist the aid of your cabinet ministers.
  • Fight the weather! Battlefield outcomes are influenced by a fully integrated weather model.

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