Synthetik Prestige Shop & Bonuses

Synthetik Prestige Shop

Last Updated on 14 February, 2021

Synthetik Prestige Shop & Bonuses – How to unlock the prestige shop, Extras cost & bonus, and all the bonuses requirements & effects explained

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Synthetik Prestige Shop – How to unlock?

It costs 500 data to unlock, but requires level 25

Synthetik Prestige Shop – Prestige Extras

Mystery Boost

  • Cost: 125 Data
  • Bonus: Weapon (FMG-9 Personal, Last Ditch M16, W21 Lever Action or M14 Mini) Item, Android stat boost or module boost at the start of the run


  • Cost: 125 Data
  • Bonus: + Terror Level, but + Android Stat (Random)

Hiper Adrenaline

  • Cost: 125 Data
  • Bonus: You are more vulnerable, but also your enemies

Tactical Mode

  • Cost: 125 Data
  • Bonus: Start with 200 shield & 2000 credits, + headshot damage, humanoid health, damage to bosses, accuraccy, recoil, heat, items power, health vial, heavy steel item, but slower actions & movement

Reroll modules

  • Cost: 75 Data
  • Bonus: Rerolls the Daily Memory Module buffs

Experience token

  • Cost: 100 to 300 (depending on the current level of class) Data
  • Bonus: +25% class level

Class Prestige

  • Requires: Class level >25
  • Cost: 1000 Data
  • Bonus: Prestige the class and reset it back to level 0

Experience token

  • Cost: 0 Data, but only 1 per day
  • Bonus: Random equipment, +30 bonus experience, all the weapons you find +10% damage and also +20% ammo gain

Synthetik Prestige Shop – Bonus

Find these bonus on the last page of the options menu, but unlock them when reaching profile levels

  • Smoothed Damage Bar – Lvl10: Rendering of enemy health bar Smoother
  • Terminator Sight – Lvl20: Oversaturates colours
  • Standard – Lvl30: Forces all weapons to be Standard
  • Darkness – Lvl35: overall lighting darker
  • Old Shake – Lvl40: higher screen shake
  • Slow Motion – Lvl50: Reduces speed of everything
  • Ultra particles – Lvl60: particle effects larger
  • Dramatic Hits – Lvl65: Freezes the game after weapon hits
  • Red Mist – Lvl70: Changes the oil color to red
  • Rainbow Road – Lvl70: Replaces the oil splatter effects with bright colors
  • Hide Full UI – No Level: removes the UI
  • Show Healthbars – No Level: display of health bars
  • Supporter Dash – No Level: flame effect on dash (Requires the Supporter Pack DLC on Steam)

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