Tekken 8: How to Quick Stand & Quick Rise

tekken 8 how to quick stand

Last Updated on 1 March, 2024

Are you looking for the best way to quickly stand or rise in Tekken 8, you’re at the right place. This is one one of the key skills you’ll need to nail down from the get-go is the art of Quick Stand, also known as Quick Rise.

That split-second decision can turn the tide of a match in your favor. So, let’s see how to Quick Stand in Tekken 8. Get ready to level up your game and give your opponents a reality check.

How to Quick Stand or Quick Rise in Tekken 8?

tekken 8 how to quick stand

Here’s the lowdown on how to nail the Quick Stand in Tekken 8, fresh out in 2024.

1. Tech Roll Magic (If You Haven’t Been Spiked)

If you’ve dodged the spike, your go-to move is the Tech Roll. As you descend, spam 1 or 3 buttons repeatedly.

The result? You’ll spring back up with an invincible animation which will give you the chance to hold down on wakeup without a gap.

Remember, though – you’ve still got to be on your guard for the right hit region.

2. The Spike Recovery (If You’ve Been Spiked)

Hold back on open ground and hit down + back with a minimal gap to get back on your feet.

But, here’s a pro tip: for lightning-fast recovery, hit up to stand up straight and swiftly follow it up with a down-to-counch.

This method shines, especially when your back is against the wall. Whether you choose to hold back or pull off the up-down combo, both work like a charm 90% of the time.

3. Ling’s Quirks and Other Exceptions

Now, for the curveballs – Ling Xiaoyu is a bit of an oddball. Watch out for her uf1+2 or BT 22 combos, where she spikes you and guarantees a BT 4. Sadly, there’s no escaping that – it’s just part of the combo after the knockdown.

Keep an eye out for similar situations with Eddy and Lee, as they have their bag of guaranteed ground hits off spikes.

Remember, the tech roll is your safest bet when you can pull it off, so make it your default wake-up move.

Spice things up by occasionally opting not to tech roll, catching your opponent off guard with a well-timed getup 4, or disrupting an approach with 3+4.


This is all about how to quickly stand in Tekken 8. If you still have any questions or queries, just let me know in the comment section below and I will get them.

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