Tekken 8: How To Taunt?

Last Updated on 4 March, 2024

Have you ever watched a Tekken match and left awed at the winning player’s ability to taunt their opponent with style? In Tekken 8, taunting isn’t just about flaunting; it’s a strategic move that can disturb your opponent’s focus and knock them out. But how exactly can you taunt in Tekken 8?

In this article, I’ll explain how you can use this technique. So let’s begin! 

How To Taunt In Tekken 8? 

Let’s break it down step by step. Firstly, understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all button combination for taunts in Tekken 8.

Taunts are specific to certain characters in Tekken 8, and they typically involve pressing three buttons simultaneously. For instance, if you’re playing as Geese, his taunt can be triggered by pressing 1+3+4 together.

However, there’s a neat trick you can use if your character doesn’t have a conventional taunt. It’s called the KI charge, and it can serve as a substitute for a taunt. 

Here’s how to execute the KI charge:

1. Press 1+2+3+4 simultaneously.

While it’s not necessarily a taunt in the traditional sense, it still serves the purpose of throwing off your opponent’s game and asserting dominance.

Why Taunting is Useful? 

But why bother with taunting at all? Besides being a stylish way to show dominance, taunting can also have strategic value. In battle, a well-timed taunt can rattle your opponent’s composure, leaving them vulnerable to mistakes.

Additionally, practicing taunts in the training room can help you master the timing and execution. This makes sure that you can seamlessly use them in your gameplay.


I hope my guide helped you and now you’ve mastered the taunting technique. So, go ahead, give it a try, and add a touch of swagger to your Tekken battles! If you’re still unsure about how to execute a taunt or want to see it in action, you can reach out to me in the comments below.

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