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Telenor Quiz Today Answer

Last Updated on 2 February, 2023

Telenor Quiz Today Answer – Today’s answer, and the answers of the previous days and months, in case you are interested too

Telenor Quiz Today Answer – February Answers

These are all the February Answers – Telenor Quiz Today Answer:

February 3 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: Fifth Novel of Imran Series is called Purisrar _____? – Cheekhain
  • 2 Quiz Answer: Imran Series have been adapted in Films and _____? – Television
  • 3 Quiz Answer: Imran’s goal in the Novel is to bring the killer to _____? – Justice
  • 4 Quiz Answer: Imran Series is the most _____ books of Ibne Safi? – Popular
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Novel “Kaali Tasveer” is about investigating an ancient painting, The ___ Picture? – Black

February 2 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: The best way to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses is by frequently _____? – Washing Hands
  • 2 Quiz Answer: How long does the common cold typically last? – 7-10 Days
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What percentage of the earth is covered in snow and ice? – 0.12%
  • 4 Quiz Answer: What is the name of the holiday that is celebrated in December? – Christmas
  • 5 Quiz Answer: How many sports are in the winter Olympics? – 15

February 1 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: Wat is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan? – -65
  • 2 Quiz Answer: Ice Age was ____ Million years ago? – 2.4
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What is the common name for the virus that causes the flu? – Influenza
  • 4 Quiz Answer: What is a blizzard? – Snowstorm
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Which of the following is not a winter fruit? – Mango

Telenor Quiz Today Answer – January Answers

These are all the January Answers – Telenor Quiz Today Answer:

January 31 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: What is a chinook? – Wind
  • 2 Quiz Answer: Which fruit has a variety called ‘Winter Banana’? – Apple
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What is Pakistan’s top winter drink? – Pink Tea
  • 4 Quiz Answer: What color is snow flower? – Red
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Which city has hosted both Winter and Summer Olympics? – Beijing

January 30 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: How warm can the inside of igloo be compared to the outside air? – 70 Degree
  • 2 Quiz Answer: What is the name of the traditional winter festival celebrated by the people of Hunza, Pakistan? – Choimus
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What is the name of the traditional winter sweet fruit bread Germany? – Stollen
  • 4 Quiz Answer: Which is one of the coldest months of winter? – January
  • 5 Quiz Answer: How tall was the world’s largest snowman? – 113 Feet

January 29 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: In which country did speed skating originate? – Netherlands
  • 2 Quiz Answer: Which fabric is warmest in winter? – Wool
  • 3 Quiz Answer: “Winter is Coming” is from a famous season called Game of ___? – Thrones
  • 4 Quiz Answer: Where was the first Winter Olympics held? – France
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Where is the famous winter sports resort in Pakistan? – Malam Jabba

January 28 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: What is the coldest state in the United States of America? – Alaska
  • 2 Quiz Answer: What is the coldest city in Pakistan during winter season? – Skardu
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What is the most common problem after exposure to severe cold? – Hypothermia
  • 4 Quiz Answer: How many sides do snowflakes have? – 6
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Which is the coldest region in Pakistan? – Gilgit

January 27 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: Fourth Novel of Imran Series is called Chattanon Mein _____? – Fire
  • 2 Quiz Answer: Ibne Safi is an Arabian expression which means _____? – Son of Safi
  • 3 Quiz Answer: The word “Jasoosi Duniya” means _____? – Spy World
  • 4 Quiz Answer: Villians often refer to the country in the Novel as “One from ______”? – South Asia
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Name the body guard who resides with Imran in his apratment? – Joseph

January 26 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: The word ‘winter’ comes from an old Germanic word which means? – Time of Water
  • 2 Quiz Answer: The shortest day of the year is called Winter _____? – Solstice
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What is the fear of snow called? – Chronophobia
  • 4 Quiz Answer: Which winter sport evolved from skateboarding and surfing? – Snowboarding
  • 5 Quiz Answer: What is the name of the coldest continent on Earth? – Antarctica

January 25 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: Which country has the highest concentration of metal rock bands? – Finland
  • 2 Quiz Answer: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is found in which US state? – Ohio
  • 3 Quiz Answer: A “Tempo” in music is known as the speed of the _____? – Pulse
  • 4 Quiz Answer: What is a dynamic in music? – Speed
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Gradually decrease in volume is called _____? – Decrescendo

January 24 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: Who was the youngest Beatle? – Harrison
  • 2 Quiz Answer: What is Taylor Swift’s middle name? – Alison
  • 3 Quiz Answer: What is the time of a note called in music? – Staff
  • 4 Quiz Answer: How many strings are there in a standard Violin? – 4
  • 5 Quiz Answer: Who composed the US national anthem? – John Stafford

January 23 Answers

  • 1 Quiz Answer: What is a unique sound of each voice for instrument called? – Tone Colour
  • 2 Quiz Answer: Same Lyrics an Melody in a section of a song is called? – Chorus
  • 3 Quiz Answer: Who is known as the “King of Pop”? – MJ
  • 4 Quiz Answer: What is a series of pitches that makes a tune? – Melody
  • 5 Quiz Answer: What was the name of Tom Jones’ first ever single? – Chills & Fever

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