The Almost Gone Walkthrough & Guide – Act 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

The Almost Gone Walkthrough

Last Updated on 28 May, 2023

The Almost Gone Walkthrough & Guide – Act 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 – Need help in any of the acts or puzzles? We will provide you all the clues and solutions you were looking for

We provide you step by step guides with explanations and also videoguides to solve all the acts

The Almost Gone Walkthrough – Act 1 The House

  • Tap on the music box (bed), swipe and take the handle (inside the night table drawer) > drag the handle to the music box and get the telescope eyepiece
  • Swipe and tap on the globe > swipe and zoom in on the poster (the constellation is a clue). Swipe, place the eyepiece on the telescope and use it > swipe untill you see the constellation (note or remember it)
  • Open the closet: The 2 constellations are Virgo and Leo
  • Go to the globe and press the buttons of Virgo and Leo, so you can get the hidden key
  • Go left (where the virgo poster is), unlock the door with the key and go through
  • Try to open the bathroom door. Head dowstairs
  • Rotate the room and take the record, open the door and go to the next room
  • Place the record (record player) and take the wedding video (drawer)
  • Go left, to the living room, then place the wedding video into the VCR. Zoom in, cut it with the knife and take the pregnancy test
  • Behind the couch (go left) you can take a bottle of pills
  • Go left (to the computer), open the drawer and take the slip of paper (Lost Valley Psychiatric Hospital)
  • Go through the door, press the button on the printer and take the divorce papers
  • Dining room table > Lock on the fridge. Ue the symbols on the papers you found to solve the red and green lines puzzle > Take the bottle once the fridge opens
  • Room with the safe > see the clue on the safe. To open the safe: 16 right, 50 left, 11 right > take the bedroom key
  • Upstairs > open your parents’ bedroom > take the handle (box on the floor) > use it to open the sliding glass door > go through > rotate the camera until you can untie the rope and take the crowbar
  • Downstairs (cuckoo clock room) > finally remove the planks with the crowbar and complete the act

The Almost Gone Walkthrough – Act 2 The Suburbs

  • Swipe > open the trash can and get the shears > next screen. Rotate until you find the dog grave > zoom in on the dog collar and open the tube (treasure map)
  • Next screen: cut down the hanging toolbox with the shears and take the wrench
  • Turn around and zoom in on the black spot > dig up a half bone
  • Other side of the house > zoom in on the hose > turn on the water with the wrench and take the bottle (bird feed)
  • Go back to the doghouse > use the bird feed (bottle) on the birdhouse and take the half bone
  • Place both bones in the slot by the doghouse and move to next area
  • Rotate the camera and open the briefcase and take the laser pointer and also the  dog piece (open the police car door)
  • Rotate until you see the heart on the tree > inser the lasert pointer in the hole of the heart > follow it, open the 2 dumpster lids and take the mirror (inside). Examine the sewer grate (pregnant woman piece) and close the garbage lids
  • Follow the laser (ignore the locked gate). Examine the cement mixer, press the button and also take the hammer
  • Smash the wall where laser points with the hammer and take the architect figure
  • Go back, place the mirror piece in the hole of the broken mirror and follow the laser
  • First dig up the paparazzi figure where the laser points (grass). Then use the wrench to turn on the fire hydrant so yo can get the police figure
  • Go right, to a house > take the gravestone piece (by the doghouse). Notice the mailbox (3 on in), the crib for a baby and the windows flashing red and blue
  • Place the 3 figures (pregnant woman, police and also dog) on the slots of the mailbox. Take the flyer, turn it around and notice the red 9
  • Next house: place the architect and the police figures on the slots of the mailbox, take the magazine and notice the 3
  • Next house: Mailbox with a 1, place the gravestone on the mailbox, take the envelope and notice the 1
  • Follow the path, move the skate board and take the graffiti artist figure
  • Go back to the gate and opposite direction of the laser. Another house with a mailbox (number 4), place the graffiti artist piece there and take the postcard with a 9
  • Locked gate: Mailboxes are numbered from 1 to 4 and each one has another numbered clue inside. 1>1, 2>3, 3>9, 4>9, so the code is 1399, use it and finally complete the act.

The Almost Gone Walkthrough – Act 3 Apartments

Complete the Act 3 Apartments of the game The Almost Gone. We provide you the full walkthrough and guide of the chapter, so you can solve every puzzle and also find every clue

Act 4 Hospital

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Act 5 Forest & Ending – Final Part

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