The Callisto Protocol Best Weapons

The Callisto Protocol Best Weapons

Last Updated on 5 December, 2022

The Callisto Protocol Best Weapons – Riot Gun, Skunk Gun, Hand Cannon, Stun Baton, Assault Rifle and Tactical Pistol

The Callisto Protocol Best Weapons Tier List

Tier S – The Best Weapons

For us there is only one OP weapon in the game, and that is the Riot Gun:

  • Riot Gun: This basic pump shotgun is probably the best damage dealer in the game. It kills any enemy with one shot, except bosses, and it has area damage, it can kill several enemies with Hit, so it’s probably the best option to face large groups of enemies, since it also has a wide magazine
    • How to unlock the Riot Gun: Complete the chapter Lost

Tier A – Good Weapons

If you don’t like the Riot Gun, or until you do, here are the best alternatives:

  • Skunk Gun: It is the affordable version of the Riot Gun, it does a lot of damage, has area damage and is cheaper. But the damage is minor and so is the magazine. The perfect option until you get the Riot Gun
    • How to unlock the Skunk Gun: Find the Schematic in the Botanical Gardens (Aftermath chapter)
  • Hand Cannon: In case you prefer a more balanced option, with greater range and slightly less damage, until you get the Riot Gun, the Hand Cannon is a great option. It will serve you perfectly to face any enemy of the early and mid game
    • How to unlock the Hand Cannon: Buy it afer the Aftermath chapter
  • Stun Baton: It is your only Melee option, and for that alone and the ammo savings it entails is very interesting. It is true that upgrades are quite expensive, but getting to the mid game without spending ammunition will help you a lot
    • How to unlock the Stun Baton: Complete the Outbreak chapter

Tier B – Below the Average Weapons

  • Assault Rifle: In almost every game, Assault Rifles are our go-to weapon, but in The Callisto Procotol they simply aren’t good for taking out groups of enemies. Despite the fact that due to its fast rate of fire it could invite you to think otherwise.
    • How to unlock the Assault Rifle: Find the Schematic in the bathroom by the General Stores (Colony chapter)

Tier Z – Worst Weapons

  • Tactical Pistol: It’s worthless, even if you think there might be situations where it could be of some use, the Stun Baton does it better for sure
    • How to unlock the Tactical Pistol: Find the Schematic in the Below chapter

The Callisto Protocol Best Weapons – Video Guide

We recommend this video guide from Backseat Guides to better understand weapons, fire modes and upgrades:

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