The Charming Empire Toki Tanba Walkthrough

The Charming Empire Toki Tanba Walkthrough

Last Updated on 10 June, 2022

The Charming Empire Toki Tanba Walkthrough – Choices to unlock the happy ending and also the normal CG ending

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The Charming Empire Toki Tanba Walkthrough – Happy Ending

These are the choices required in every chapter to unlock the Happy Ending – Toki Tanba route

  • 1st chapter choices: Apologize > Continue forward
  • 2nd chapter choices: Thank you
  • 3rdt chapter choices: You bought it for me?
  • 4th chapter choices: Play along
  • 5th chapter choices: Accept
  • 6th chapter choices: What’s our relationship? > Can I really go with you?
  • 7th chapter choices: I’m important to you?
  • 8th chapter choices: Push the man aside
  • 9th chapter choices: Peek through a closer window
  • 10th chapter choices: Say no
  • 11th chapter choices: Think positive
  • 12th chapter choices: You’re letting me go?
  • 13th chapter choices: Do you like quieter girls?
  • 14th chapter choices: Ask the guards for help
  • 15th chapter choices: Save my brother

Normal Ending CG

Just choose the opposite choices and you will unlock the Normal Ending CG – Toki Tanba route

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