The Day Before Money Glitch Guide

The Day Before Money Glitch

Last Updated on 10 December, 2023

The Day Before Money Glitch Guide – Take advantage of this glitch while it lasts and get infinite money, we explain it to you step by step

Take advantage of it while it lasts, you can earn a lot of money pretty quickly

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The Day Before Money Glitch Guide – Steps

Follow these steps to take advantage of the money glitch:

  1. Farm money first, the more you have, the more money you will earn with the glitch
  2. Go to Eddard (weapons and ammo seller in Safe Haven)
  3. Buy all the ammunition you can
  4. Then sell all the ammo, but leave one bullet unsold in each inventory slot
  5. Recover all the ammo you just sold (Buyback section) and place it in the inventory slots you left with a bullet. Here is the Money Glitch, and we don’t know how long it will last, you can recover all the ammunition sold for free
  6. Repeat the process as many times as you want

The system is not ultra fast, because the sale price is much lower than the purchase price. That’s why we recommend you start the process with as much money as possible. Since after making your first purchase, you will not have to spend money again, and it will be where you will begin to multiply your profits without limit, the money you can get this way is infinite

Warning: Glitches like this end up being patched, so we recommend you do a test with a little money on your first purchase to confirm that it still works before investing larger amounts

The Day Before Money Glitch Guide – Video Guide

In case you prefer to see how it works, we leave you this video guide from Cassimo

About the game

The Day Before offers a one-of-a-kind, reimagined experience that immerses you in a post-apocalyptic open-world survival MMO environment set in the present day, on the East Coast of the United States, in the aftermath of a deadly pandemic.

  • Face off against other players to ensure your survival.
  • Survive the virulent infected.
  • Obtain valuable loot.
  • Explore the lovely and intricate New Fortune City.
  • Create your own home in a safe zone.
  • Explore tall skyscrapers, massive shopping malls, massive stadiums, and more.
  • Explore New Fortune City’s far-flung surroundings in impressively detailed vehicles.
  • Join the Woodberry survivor colony in its mission to rebuild society.
  • Trade items in Woodberry and keep your riches in a personal safe.

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