The Doors of Trithius – Best Tips & Tricks

the doors of trithius

Last Updated on 2 December, 2022

The Doors of Trithius – Best Tips & Tricks – In this article we give you the best tips and tricks of The Doors of Trithius. Read on to learn more!

The Doors of Trithius – Tips & Tricks


Consider achieving As quickly as you can, complete level 3, and learn how to navigate roads without getting hungry. Roads, not crazy titles, always.

Level 5 athletics is crucial. In numerous encounters, the ability to jump can save your life. It comes in handy during some boss fights and is my go-to panic button.

Power grading

Although I don’t really care about this anymore, you do you, and I do I.

Alchemy, Botany, Medicine, Cooking, and Quartermaster are quite simple to level. Just keep on crafting.

All of them can be trained for free, however some of them will be simpler if you use your loot money. like cooking! Go to large cities, spend all of your money on raw foods, and start nonstop cooking.

Want to Hoard?

Every town has a safe chest! Take over a home and make it your own. With Travel 3, getting to your independent player house is a breeze. Storing food, magical goods, and resources.

Farm Robbers

I agree; why not?

Don’t destroy a blood cocoon right away if you see one. A Ravager will spawn once it has grown and is ready to either ravage you or you will ravage it. There are instances when you can get 4 Ravagers in a single level, which is a simple 888 gold! If you’re powerful enough, I mean simple. You will succeed.

Black Gem

A mountain biome. strange-looking boulders

Spend Skill Points

  • Travel 3 – travel without hunger on roads.
  • Unlock new skills.
  • Survival 2 – avoid some traps.
  • A bit of reading, like Reading 5 maybe.
  • Athletics 5 – Jump and trap reacting for dodge builds.
  • Enchanting, until you think it’s enough (for me 10).
  • Dump the rest on Chivalry and Athletics.

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