The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations

the last of us firefly pendant locations

Last Updated on 5 December, 2022

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – All Firefly Pendant Locations are explained in this article. Don’t miss it!

The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Pendants, can be found on or off a Firefly member at any time during the course of the game. Some pendants can be discovered in peculiar places, including dangling from trees or on the bodies of specific Infected who must be killed. You can earn the Look for the Light trophy by gathering them all. We’ll show you where to find each pendant in this guide.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Prologue

There are no Firefly pendants in the Prologue chapter.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – The Quarantine Zone

There are three Firefly Pendants in the chapter on the quarantine zone.


There are three Firefly Pendants in the Quarantine Zone chapter. The first Firefly Pendant in The Quarantine Zone is located beyond the Wall. Once Joel and Tess get their rucksacks out, you’ll need to grab a ladder and lean it against a nearby wall. Look for a bedroom in the apartment up ahead when you reach the top of the ladder. The mattress on the floor is adjacent to Vigil’s Firefly Pendant. Tess will lead you to the ground floor of the building if you follow her until you obtain the pendant, from which point you cannot leave.


Towards the end of the Beyond The Wall section, you can find the second Firefly Pendant in The Quarantine Zone. Joel and Tess will emerge outside after navigating the abandoned factory using a plank to span the gap. Once Tess passes beneath a low-hanging fire escape, continue to follow her. After then, a tree will appear in front of you. One of the tree’s lower branches is holding a necklace. Turn on your flashlight if you are having trouble seeing it. The light is reflected by the pendant.


The last Firefly Pendant from The Quarantine Zone chapter is contained in the Cargo segment. After Joel meets Ellie and leaves Tess with Marlene, you’ll find yourself on a street. Directly in front of where you regain control, a dead body will be discovered leaning against a newsstand. He might find the pendant right next to him.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – The Outskirts

There are four Firefly Pendants to be discovered in The Outskirts.


In The Outskirts’ Downtown section, Joel, Ellie, and Tess will have to pass through the Goldstone Building. At the building’s entrance, turn right to enter the grassy seating area. The bottom limb of the tree nearest the entrance is draped with a Firefly Pendant. To shoot it, or toss something obtrusive at it in an effort to move it. If you’re having problems seeing it, use the torch. It will become more noticeable because of the pendant’s reflection.


Joel, Ellie, and Tess will cross through a metal gate to escape the infected during the Museum section of The Outskirts. The entrance to the museum’s ground level is through the little supply room on the opposite side. Head up a ramp on the west side of the building to reach the museum’s second floor.

You can access a previously inaccessible platform on the northeast corner of the second floor by climbing up the broken wood protruding from the wall to your left after reaching the top of the ramp and shimmying across it. The Firefly Pendant by Kiper is on display in a case here.


The Capitol Building section of The Outskirts may contain the next Firefly Pendant. As you get closer to the steps leading up to the Capitol Building, you’ll have to wade through a sizable pool of water. Look to your left as you wade through this river for a huge stone gazebo. In the middle of the gazebo, beneath the water, is Davidson’s Firefly Pendant.


The final Firefly Pendant of The Outskirts can be found towards the conclusion of The Capitol Building section. After escape the soldiers, you’ll need to swim to the end of a lengthy underground tunnel. When you arrive at the other end of the tunnel, Ellie will be on your left.

Before going through the small tunnel behind her, climb up to where she is. To find a little workshop submerged in water, swim beneath the debris that is blocking the passageway. The cabinets on the left side of this underwater workshop house Jirang’s Firefly Pendant.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Bill’s Town

There are three Firefly Pendants in the Bill’s Town chapter.


This is in the The Woods section of Bill’s Town. Ellie will open the gate for you. When you get to the high street, turn right and walk up the street until you see an RV. Above the RV, Wang’s Firefly Pendant is suspended.


Located in the Safehouse sector of Bill’s Town. Bill decapitates a captive zombie as he guides you down the stairs and onto a street. Locate the local street lamp that is closest to the ambulance. There is a pendant hanging from this lamp. Use a bottle from the floor near the street lamp to knock it over in order to get Vincent’s Street Lamp.


This is located in Bill’s Town’s Graveyard section. When you leave the clicker-filled cemetery, you will be on a road with a little house to your northeast. Enter the house and check the restroom for Mrozik’s Firefly Pendant by the toilet.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Pittsburgh

There are three Firefly Pendants to be found in the Pittsburgh chapter.


Discovered during the Alone and Forsaken adventure in Pittsburgh. Once the battle in the bookstore is over, look in the alleyway on the west side of the bookstore. In this alley, beneath the shelf, is Risk’s Firefly Pendant.


Located in the hotel lobby area in Pittsburgh. Shortly after saving Joel from being drowned by a hunter, Ellie will have to leave the dining room and drop down a damaged staircase. Next, look for the women’s restrooms on your left. To the left of the toilet is a rear stall where you can find Reed’s Firefly Pendant.


Situated in the Pittsburgh area Leaving the City. After teaming forces with Sam and Henry, take the hunters outside and climb up to the roof. Henry will lead you to the architectural office, but first you should turn left and go inside the restrooms. In the back stall, Rios’ Firefly Pendant is perched atop a toilet seat.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – The Suburbs

In The Suburbs, there are four Firefly Pendants to discover.


Discovered during the Sewers episode of The Suburbs. Near the beginning of the chapter, look for the stranded boat. The bow’s hole contains Sheffler’s Firefly Pendant.


Observed in The Suburbs’ Sewers chapter. When you initially enter the sewer, look to your right for a flooded crawl area. On the other side, in a room that is submerged, is where you can find the Firefly Pendant.


Located in the Sewers area of The Suburbs. After taking the fork in the road and entering the flooded area, look for a submerged car on your left. Under the sea is where you can find Fuentes’ Firefly Pendant.


 The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Tommy’s Dam

Tommy’s Dam contains two Firefly Pendants.


Situated in the Hydroelectric Dam section of Tommy’s Dam. The location beneath the office when you enter the turbine area is where you will find the Firefly Pendant, situated between two blue pumps.


located in the Tommy’s Dam’s Ranch neighborhood. Go to the study at the back right of the property’s ground level when you get to the ranch looking for Ellie. On the desk in this space is Pino’s Firefly Pendant.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – The University

During The University chapter, there are five Firefly Pendants to find.

H. Pino

You may find the Go Big Horns section of the University here. After crossing the first set of barbed-wire-covered barricades, turn right and look for a door that is blocked by a stack of broken shelves. To the right of the barrier is a yellow tree. The Firefly Pendant of H. Pino is located on this tree.


Seen in the Big Horns portion of The University. Once you have left the area with the wall panel and generator, go up the stairs to your left until you get to another barricade that is surrounded by barbed wire. Instead of riding through the barricade, get off your horse and look to your right for a dumpster. Look through the window above while climbing on the trash can. This is where Rohner’s Firefly Pendant is located.


You may find the Go Big Horns section of the University here. After descending into the clicker pit while touring the dorms, Joel will be able to defeat a roving bloater in the hallway. If successful, he will be allowed to search the corpse for Warren’s Firefly Pendant. In my opinion, Warren’s story did not have a happy ending.


The pendant is available in the Go Big Horns area at The University. After Ellie and you leave the dorms, you’ll arrive at a location with a lot of military tents. To the far left, at the end of a road, there is a military tent on a corner. The tent to the right is where you can find Griggs’ Firefly Pendant.


You may locate it in the Science Building at the university. As you enter the lab where Joel and Ellie discover the monkeys, take a look in the back right corner of the space. You can locate Hickman’s Firefly Pendant near to a refrigerator.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Lakeside Resort


obtained during The Hunt’s Lakeside Resort segment. After David lifts Ellie to the upper walkway at the beginning of the infected ambush sequence, continue along the path until you come to a clicker. Before going to the concealed location on your left, kill the beast. It contains Kristof’s Firefly Pendant.


During the Lakeside Resort Cabin phase of acquisition. Once Ellie’s horse has been killed and she has taken refuge in a nearby house, go into the gazebo to the right of the house’s door. This is where you can find Braun’s Firefly Pendant.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Bus Depot


During the section of the Bus Depot Highway Exit. When you come off the ramp, glance to your left for a burned-out car. Perich’s Firefly Pendant is concealed by this car.

Natalie Hoo

Located in the Highway Exit section of the Bus Depot chapter. Make your way down the steps to the location of the medical tents after petting the giraffe. To the right of these tents, there is a floodlight. A pendant of a firefly encircles the light. Take hold of it and shoot it.

Nicole Hoo

Located in the Highway Exit section of the Bus Depot chapter. After exiting the area with the medical tents, look through the bus at the back of the area for another bus traveling down into the East Tunnel. The Firefly Pendant of Nicole Hoo is behind that bus.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – The Firefly Lab


Located in the Hospital area of Fireflies Lab. Joel will finish the chapter’s opening battle encounter before blocking a door and moving up some stairs. After leaving the stairwell, you’ll see an office in front of the reception counter. In the office, the Firefly Pendant is tucked away behind the Shiv Door.

The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Locations – Jackson

The Jackson chapter has no Firefly Pendants.




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