The Optimal Control Style for Street Fighter 6

The Optimal Control Style for Street Fighter 6

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

The Optimal Control Style for Street Fighter 6. Easy guide on choosing the ideal control style – Classic, Dynamic, or Modern – tailored to your gaming skills and character choice.

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The Optimal Control Style for Street Fighter 6

One must master the nuances of the game’s control schemes. With a trio of compelling options;

  1. Classic Type.
  2. Dynamic Type.
  3. Modern Type.

It’s crucial to identify the ideal control style that suits your expertise level and character preference.

Street Fighter 6 Control Styles: Unpacking the Choices

The Ease of the Dynamic Type

The Dynamic Type is the answer to Street Fighter 6’s endeavor to make gaming accessible to all. With the computer choosing the best action based on your inputs, this control scheme is a boon for novices or casual enthusiasts. However, its utility in competitive gaming may be limited due to its automated approach.

The Eternal Rivalry: Modern Type vs Classic Type in Street Fighter 6

Classic Type: Retaining the Legacy

The Classic Type control scheme, a beloved fixture since the original Street Fighter arcade days, demands a blend of button commands and directional inputs. An element of nostalgia and comfort accompanies this style for the veteran Street Fighter aficionados.

Modern Type: An Innovative Approach

The Modern Type scheme, reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. style, simplifies special moves down to a single button plus directional input. On the surface, it seems to hold an advantage by lessening input errors, but the developers at Capcom ensure a balance. The damage from specials reduces by approximately 20% when using the Modern Type, compensating for the simplicity of executing specials, Overdrive Arts, and Special Arts.

The downside to Modern Type controls is the restricted access to the character’s full range of normal attacks. The game decides the moves, allocating Normal, Medium, and Heavy attack buttons without designating them to punches or kicks. This limitation finds a counterbalance in the Assist button, making multi-hit combos effortless.

Classic Type: Precision and Control

Classic Type controls, on the other hand, provide full arsenal access, albeit with a slightly increased time to execute moves and the potential for human error. Experienced gamers, vying for high-level play, typically lean towards the Classic Type controls for their comprehensive range.

Unlocking Your Potential: Making the Choice

The Modern Type controls stand out for their reliability, especially when executing specials with complex inputs. Zangief, notorious for having difficult specials, benefits substantially from the Modern Type’s straightforwardness, even if the damage inflicted is less.

The Modern Type controls serve as the perfect learning ground for new Street Fighter 6 players, allowing them to acclimate to the game’s intricate systems before transitioning to the Classic Type controls for a more expansive arsenal. However, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Certain characters flourish under the Modern Type controls, and this easy-to-execute special attack era could shape the competitive landscape significantly.

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