The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide

The Survival Game Roblox Badges

Last Updated on 21 January, 2023

The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide – A guide with explanations to get all the badges in the game, also the Hidden tomb badge

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The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide

  • The Adventure Begins: Just play the game
  • There Can Be Only One: Kill another player
  • Are You Not Entertained?: Kill 25 total players
  • Rome Wasnt Built In A Day But It Was Burned In One: Kill 100 total players
  • God Of War: Kill 1000 total players
  • Apes Together Strong: Press Q to open the tribe page
  • What’s Yours Is Mine: Attack a kingdom banner until it breaks
  • Kingslayer: Slay the leader of a kingdom
  • Jokes On You: Be in a kingdom and have your role set to Jester
  • Where All Roads End: Have your health reach 0
  • Nature’s Revenge: Have your death be caused by a boar
  • No More Crossing Roads For You: Kill a chicken
  • Captain Of Your Own Fate: Use the hammer and build a boat.
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales: Destroy a boat with a sword or axe
  • Caveman Time: Craft a wooden club
  • Bronze Era: Craft a bronze sword in the copper smithy.
  • Iron Era: Craft an iron sword in the iron forge.
  • Steel Era: Craft a steel sword in the steel smelter
  • Gods And Kings: Rebirth.
  • Demigod: Rebirth 10 times in total.
  • Immortal: Rebirth 100 times in total.
  • Wisdom Of The Ancients: Interact with the Oracle in the jungle.
  • Hidden Tomb: Touch the tomb in the desert biome
  • We Are Legion: Be in a kingdom while it has at least 20 members.
  • You Shall Not Pass: Construct 500 castle walls
  • Anyone Can Cook: Cook 50 delicious meals in the cooking stove
  • I Like To Practice: Destroy 100 practice targets.
  • Machines Of War: Fire a bolt out of a ballista.
  • Well Well Well: Construct a well.
  • I’m A Farmer: Till a piece of land using the shovel.
  • Green Thumb: Till 1,000 pieces of land using the shovel.
  • Imperial Era: Craft a bluesteel sword.

Hidden Tomb Badge

Almost all the achievements are quite intuitive, although the one to find the grave is another story. So we leave you this 2-minute video guide of Tangorine so you know how to find the tomb and get your badge

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