The Tale of Food Codes – Updated 2024

The Tale of Food Codes

Last Updated on 3 April, 2024

The Tale of Food Codes – Mobile Game by Madfun Game Limited – Redeem these The Tale of Food Codes for some diamonds, gold and keys, all the in-game currencies

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The Tale of Food Codes – Full List

Redeem these The Tale of Food Codes for some diamonds, gold and keys, all the in-game currencies

These are all the available Codes:

  • There are currently no valid codes

We’ll keep this list of valid codes up to date, so keep following us as we’ll add each new code as soon as it’s available.

The Tale of Food social media channels, the channels from which they announce the codes:

  • Facebook:
  • Discord:
  • Twitter:
  • Apple:

Although you do not need to follow them if you do not want to, we will keep the list updated

Expired Codes

These Codes don’t work anymore:

  • TTOFLAN – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFSUPPORT – Code reward: Some Gifts ( Valid until May 9)
  • TOFKNOW – Code reward: Some Gifts ( Valid until May 11)
  • TOFYOU – Code reward: Some Gifts ( Valid until May 11)
  • TOFHAVE – Code reward: Some Gifts ( Valid until May 11)
  • TOFCOME – Code reward: Some Gifts ( Valid until May 11)
  • TOFRPG – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFADV – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFFANS – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFSIM – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFVIP – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • FOOD777 – Code reward: Pentachrome soil, 500 Shells, Speedup soap, and 2x 200% Efficiency Runes
  • FOOD333 – Code reward: Yangzhou rice unit
  • FOODSTORY – Code reward: Speedup oil, Favor Giftbox, Star up case, and an Ingredients case
  • FOOD2023 – Code reward: New Moon Plums frame
  • GIFT-A – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • GIFT-B – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • GIFT-C – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • GIFT-D – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOF2023 – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFGIFT – Code reward: Some Gifts
  • TOFGRANDOPEN – Code reward: Some Gifts

How to redeem Codes?

How to Redeem Codes in and get ready to claim your by following these easy steps to redeem. These are the steps to redeem gift codes:

  1. Launch The Tale of Food on your device
  2. Press the settings icon in the top right, then select Pack Exchange.
  3. Enter any of the active codes into the text box that appears.
  4. Press the Confirm button

That completes our collection of The Tale of Food codes, providing you with information on both live and expired that you may utilize to obtain every advantage available. Take advantage of your free in-game prizes!

About The Tale of Food

Become the descendant of the Food God and set forth on a 2-million-word fantasy adventure. While exploring time and space, gather and care for Food Souls. Interact with them carefully and capture each priceless moment on camera.

Astonishing Voice Acting: Visit Food Souls in Kongsang! With voiceovers for every character, The Tale of Food has been completely translated into Chinese, English, and Korean. All characters come to life thanks to the use of professional voice actors, providing you with an engaging experience.

100+ Adorable Characters Collect 100+ characters and take pleasure in each distinct Food Soul’s vivid expressions. You can gain unique voice, stories, and letters through immersive interactions with Food Souls as you forge enduring memories.

Manage your restaurant on a micro level by working with Food Souls. Send them to the farm where they can raise vegetables, catch fish, and live happy lives. Alternately, let them handle the cooking while you attend to your ancestors’ patrons!

Make your house feel like a home with DIY decor! Create a home that is distinctively yours by unlocking themes, collecting furniture, and combining styles! Fix the interior and exterior of the house that you and your food souls call home.

Personalized Battle LineupsPut tanks, healers, damage dealers, and support roles in your fight roster. Gain an advantage in battle by using AoE, Poison, Sunder, or Damage Reflect talents!

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