Tokyo Necro Walkthrough – All Routes

Tokyo Necro Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 March, 2023

Tokyo Necro Walkthrough – All Routes – Hogyo Iria, Aso Kiriri, Gijo Mitsumi, Con Su and True End

Tokyo Necro Walkthrough – All Routes

The routes are super simple, you only have to make a couple of choices

  • Hogyo Iria – 宝形伊莉雅: Left – Left
  • Aso Kiriri – 阿苏雾里: Left – Right
  • Gijo Mitsumi – 义城蜜魅: Right – Left
  • Con Su: Right – Right

After you finish 1 route, select [Re.Suggest] to go to the first choice directly.

True End

Complete the 4 routes, go back to the title screen and select “Search”, there are hardly any choices, so it will be very easy for you

About Tokyo Necro

Tokyo has turned into a desolate wasteland coated in snow where the dead coexist with the living. But despite the harsh conditions, individuals have managed to survive thanks to the Living Dead Stalkers’ weapons and cybernetic upgrades.

Tokyo NECRO is an action visual novel that delves into the cyberpunk genre and raises the bar for that genre with fully animated fight scenes and an interactive display that lets you see every action your character makes through their own eyes. It was developed by Nitro Origin, the company behind Song of Saya and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa.

In the distant future, a severe ice age has enveloped the entire planet. . to find out…………………………………. So’un and Ethica are contract killers who spend their days killing necromancers and their undead servants for the Karasuzumi Living Dead Stalker Office in this frigid metropolis. On one of these missions, they come across an intriguing girl who was abducted by a necromancer for an unidentified purpose.

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