TOP 10 Best Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes

tactics ogre reborn classes

Last Updated on 6 November, 2023

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – If you’re looking for the hardest-to-stack Denam friend deck, Tactics Ogre: Reborn is for you.

What are the best lessons in Tactical Ogre: Reborn? This is such a simple question. We bet a lot of new and old players will be looking into one. The reality is that any class can take parameters that are not so niche that they can’t be used. Overall, that’s good news, but it’s harder to categorize than apparently mediocre work.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #10


Due to a powerful combination of damage output, utility, and – we’d say – cool, Swordmaster barely made the list. When Hobyrim finally joins, there isn’t much reason to train one, unless you accidentally kill him during his recruiting battle, rude in that case?

These gorgeous two-handed katana wielders can aid your squad, buffing any allies within a sizable range with the Lion Dance. You can also use Shriving Dance to remove debuffs and Bellows Dance to boost defenses.

In the PSP version of Tactics Ogre: Remake, the Swordmasters are decidedly less exciting, as their best ability, Preempt, has to be activated manually. Now that it’s a passive skill with a high proc rate, you can safely assume that every time they take a physical attack, they’ll preemptively (hehe) counter the enemy, dealing a lot of damage.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #9


Regardless of their element, dragons are great when you need a solid wall to block and distract from multiple enemies in tight spaces or even outdoors. Her high HP makes up for mediocre defensive stats, and whenever the Dragon Scale passive skill triggers, her defensive status is completely resolved.

Dragons attract a lot of attention. The enemy AI seems obsessed with taking them out, taking the pressure off melee attackers from many of your other party members. They’re also perfect for slowing the approach of deadly creatures like golems, cyclops, and other dragons as appropriate.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #8

White Knight

The White Knight is primarily a reinforced knight. Cavaliers are a strong bunch in their own right, and once you’ve acquired a few, it’s worth owning a pair. White Knights are stronger and have a better skill pool overall. Paralyzing Blade grants the Stun Magician, which helps prevent enemies from taking action. Velocity Shift reduces the RT of nearby allies by 35 and increases their speed significantly.

They also have Rampart Shadow, Rampart Aura and Sanctuary Shadow, all of which are must-haves for knights. So why do we say they’re primarily an enhanced knight? The lack of a phalanx of white knights means they are technically more vulnerable than their regular minions. However, we think it’s worth making a trade-off for the best tank for Tactics Ogre: Reborn.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #7


As the default class of charming Canopus, Vartan offers some courses to match. The ability to use a short bow and crossbow in one hand, and a sturdy axe in the other, gives Vartans close and long range physical damage, and once they’ve learned Finishing Moves for each weapon type, they’ll be sent on Useful, when you join the frenzy get ready to kill bosses and finish the fight.

Vartans can also use rocket spells. Canopus’ intelligence stats aren’t the best, but Deadshot II can still help in a pinch. Also, they can fly. flight rules.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #6


Men are ninjas. Women are kunoichi. But you can call her Kuninchi, it’s important. The point is, they’re cool. They can attack twice, which to be fair is not unique to this class. But this ability is usually defined by ninjas, who of course are better at it than most. Also, Steelstance can hide them so they don’t get too soft.

However, ninjas shine by using their ninjutsu. Many of these are area effect spells with multiple damage types, such as smash, slam, etc. combined with elemental attributes. Others can enhance allies with rare rewards like Nimble, Waterwalk, and Nullify. You can also use the Stun-Bringer and Envenom to increase significant damage.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #5


Archers are not very good…in Final Fantasy Tactics. Maybe it’s because Matsuno and they used up all their archer boosts in the last game. (Hint: That’s it. It’s Tactical Ogre.) With such a large map and many enemy archers harassing you from a distance, it’s a full-on combat fire scene.

Among Archers, you’ll want Arycelle as your mainstay. Finally, unique units have better overall stats. Just leave it completely prepackaged; a few buff cards go into battle and the girl whips all but the strongest units from a safe distance to tease. They are also very agile to start.

Archer isn’t the flashiest profession, so you have to see the hype to jump into it. But once you get into a rhythm, you suddenly wish you had more.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #4


Wicce is exclusive to Deneb, and if anything, it’s the hallmark of ogre fighting. Lively and hilarious in a series that’s usually nothing more than that, she and her obsession with pumpkins stand out like sweet thumbs in a sea of ​​violent, bellicose middle fingers.

This is awesome. But we’re talking about Wicce. Well, let’s put it this way. It has a huge disadvantage and that is a huge pain to get. Recruit Deneb without meeting the conditions and she will just be an ordinary old witch. Not that witches are bad. But witchcraft is great. In fact, Wicce Deneb is amazing, and despite the tedious procurement process, we definitely think her class is the best.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #3


You may notice a noticeable lack of clerical language here. Ministers are invaluable. until they no longer exist. We’re not talking about giving up on Donnalto itself entirely. But when healing items completely outweigh the convenience of everything but multi-target primary heals (and even then, it’s debatable), plain old Clerics aren’t going out of style.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #2


It’s a pity that if you miss Catiua’s princess class, you can only get the lord level. There’s a lot of other stuff, most of which are too spoiler for this humble article. Lords are more than just tactical ogres: the most versatile class in Rebirth. It is awarded with mileage.

If you’re familiar with Final Fantasy’s Freelancers and/or Onion Knight, you know they have access to pretty much everything the other classes have. This is the lord, except the base stats can defeat all ogres. The range of choices is overwhelming. It’s fair to consider all possible elements, although Light probably works best here.

Huge damage, great Stamina, Phalanx, Mighty Impact, and more – they’re almost terrifyingly good.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Classes – #1

Knight Commander

In contrast, the strength of the head of the Knights is terrible. This level is exclusive to Ozma, which in turn is exclusive to the Lawful route. The asterisks add up, but seriously, if you become a Lawer, recruit Ozma. Once you’ve done that, dare to use them in training battles. You will never let her off your team.

Knight commanders have the most versatile lords, but have greater potential for pain. It’s also lightning fast. Ozma is the fastest character in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, which means her class is right up her alley. Armed with dual attacks and a host of devastating special abilities, the Knight Commander is like no other. Ozma, you are great.



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