TOP 6 Best Hades Mods And How To Install Them

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Last Updated on 29 November, 2022

Best Hades Mods Check out this Top 6 best Hades Mods. You will love them for sure!

The top mod for Hades can be found on Nexusmods, and requires a few extra steps to install. Here are the six best mods for Hades and how to install them:

Hades Mods – Zagreus the Angler

The Zagreus the Angler mod tweaks the Fishing minigame to remove fake bobs, give more time to catch fish, and increases the pool’s spawn rate to at least 50%, and they can spawn one after the other. This mod improves your ability to catch fish as the original system would generate a lot of randomness and could cause you to miss out on rewards.

Hades Mods – Loot Choice Extender

The Loot Choice Extender mod extends the amount of buff or loot for a given choice. Normally, a level pass will give you three options, but Loot Choice Extender lets you choose how many options there are. By default, the mod provides six choices for each loot menu. This mod makes the game a little easier by giving you more options for your builds.

Hades Mods – Weapon Mastery

Most of the best mods for Hades tweak gameplay, however one of the best mods does not affect gameplay, but adds cosmetics and a new XP system. The Weapon Mastery mod adds a leveling system to each weapon, but does not affect gameplay or weapon stats. On each run, the weapon used will gain XP based on kills. Gaining weapon levels adds new cosmetic effects to weapons, including auras and effects on kills. If you want a little more flair to your weapons, but it doesn’t affect gameplay, Weapon Mastery is a great mod choice.

Generous Wretched Broker

The Generous Wretched Broker mod allows you to buy items from poor brokers for free. Often a dastardly broker will trade one item for another, but the item in question is usually worth a fortune. This mod allows you to buy everything from diamonds to Titan Blood for free.

Ello’s Starting Boon Selector

Sometimes in Hades’ run, you can be very unhappy with the choice of boons. The first boon you receive affects how you run and even how you want to build. Ello’s Starting Boon Selector mod allows you to choose which boon to start with or to randomize the starting value of the run. You’ll still need to unlock the gods during the game, but you can start the mod with their blessings after meeting them.

Codex Menu

The Codex Menu Mod extends the Codex’s menus, giving you full control over spawning, unlocking areas, choosing boons, and more. If you want to completely customize a game flow, you can use the commands in the Codex menu to do so. During a run, you can use the Codex menu to switch weapons, open secret areas, and manage boons. The menu also includes a custom Night Mirror, which allows you to alter the Darkness bonus.

How To Install Hades Mods

The first thing you will need to do is download the Mod Importer found at the top of the most popular mods for Hades in Nexus Mods. Once you have downloaded it, you will need to open the Hades file on your computer. An easy way to find the file is to go to the game launcher and select Manage, then open the files.

Once you have found the Hades files, you will want to save the Mods Importer file inside the Hades files. Create a new “Mods” folder to place the mods in.

Next, you’ll download the Mod Utility from Nexus Mods. Save this mod to the “Mods” folder within the Hades files. Now you can download the mods you want for Hades and save them in the Mods folder.

After downloading all the mods you want, open the Mods Importer and press enter. The mods should appear in the game once you have completed all the steps.

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