Top Beginner-friendly Characters in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide

Top Beginner-friendly Characters in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide

Last Updated on 8 June, 2023

Top Beginner-friendly Characters in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide. Mastering the Art of Combat in Street Fighter 6, in-depth examination of Beginner’s Best Choices.

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Top Beginner-friendly Characters in Street Fighter 6 Easy Guide

Mastering the Art of Combat in Street Fighter 6: An In-depth Examination of Beginner’s Best Choices. Street Fighter 6: Master Your First Moves.

Newcomers have a palette of eighteen characters, including a customizable Avatar fighter. This fascinating roster can be a bit overwhelming for beginners.

Who is the most suitable character to start with? The game suggests a few to avoid for first-timers, such as:

  • JP
  • Juri
  • Chun-Li
  • Zangief
  • Dhalsim

As these characters require an advanced grasp of gameplay.

To ease your entry into the captivating world of Street Fighter 6, it’s recommended to take on the basic tutorials even if you’re a seasoned player from previous series installments. Street Fighter 6 debuts new systems like the Drive Gauge, offering a refreshed take on combat mechanics. The Modern Type controls option provides an intuitive interface to perform special attacks, especially useful for beginners.

Powerful Yet Unyielding: Marisa of Street Fighter 6

  • Recognize Marisa’s rising fame in Street Fighter 6, where she has become one of the best characters.
  • Understand her blend of strength, reach, and aggressive Drive Impact counters as the reason for her popularity.
  • Learn about her moves, which are equipped with super armor, that provide her a robust defense without depending on the Drive Gauge.
  • Take note of her defensive abilities, such as Scutum, that can effortlessly transition into counterattacks.

Although Marisa may not be the fastest character, she compensates with her easy-to-master combos and powerful Super Arts. Her main shortcoming is the lack of ranged projectiles, making her vulnerable to zoning. However, with the removal of chip damage in Street Fighter 6, players can now tactically endure long-range attacks like Hadokens and Sonic Booms.

Swift and Long-Ranging: Lily of Street Fighter 6

  • Acknowledge Lily as a viable option for beginners in Street Fighter 6, even if she might be slightly more complex than Marisa.
  • Appreciate her visually stunning move set, which is not only impressive to watch but also rewarding to execute.
  • Understand that Lily, armed with warclubs, can effectively maintain distance from her opponents.

When foes manage to close the distance, they must face her powerful throws and rapid kicks, ideal for breaking defensive stances. Lily’s Condor Wind buff can enhance her specials, offering more strategic depth in battles. Similar to Cloud’s Limit Break in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, her opponents must choose between allowing her to power up or braving her anti-approach. Her master, T. Hawk, bestows her with excellent anti-air capabilities, ensuring any airborne enemies quickly return to the ground.

Balanced and Versatile: Luke of Street Fighter 6

  • Recognize Ryu and Ken as traditional favorite characters for Street Fighter newcomers.
  • Understand that Street Fighter 6 introduces a new character, Luke, who provides a balanced gameplay experience.
  • Learn about Luke’s wide range of tactical choices that make him a unique character.
  • Note Luke’s excellence in close-range combat, including his easily chainable throws and combos.
  • Acknowledge that Luke’s range and anti-air abilities enhance his capabilities, which mirror iconic moves like Hadoken and Shoryuken.

Luke’s diverse toolkit and simple control inputs make him an excellent choice for beginners. He can adapt to any combat situation, and his attacks that carry extra momentum make him an exciting offensive fighter.

Choosing Luke has an added advantage: he’s the first Master you unlock in World Tour mode, granting immediate access to his unique fighting style and special moves. This mode is an excellent platform for understanding the mechanics of Street Fighter 6 without getting lost in numerous tutorial menus.

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