Top MapleStory Private Servers (2023)

Top MapleStory Private Servers

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Top MapleStory Private Servers – The best PS, the links with which to access directly, and a brief description of each one

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Maple Legends

Maple Legends Private Server > Here

Want to experience the old MapleStory from 2008?

The development of MapleLegends began in August 2014 with the goal of creating the most nostalgic and functional pre-Big Bang MapleStory gameplay experience to date. Our development, production, and execution has attempted to resemble GMS cerca 2008 as preciously as possible, with many of our features and NPC text matching GMS exactly. MapleLegends moved from Alpha into Closed Beta in December 2014, from Closed Beta into Open Beta in late January 2015, and officially went live on April 1st, 2015

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Maple Royals

Maple Royals Private Server > Here

MapleRoyals offers everything you loved back then, now! We always try to keep the server as nostalgic as possible whilst adding custom content (such as hairstyles, faces and NX items) that enriches the game without hurting the gameplay we all miss.

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Ristonia

Ristonia Private Server > Here

Ristonia is an up-to-date server offering unique & custom content that is tailored to provide a riveting experience. Our goal is to provide a stable and streamlined gaming experience for everyone to enjoy our iteration of the game.

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Aries MS

Aries MS Private Server > Here

Are you looking for the best Maplestory experience? Give us a shot! AriesMS strives to bring you the most stable and rewarding gameplay realistically achievable. While other Maplestory servers stagnate in mundanity, we desire to evolve beyond boundaries with every update! Indulge in working 5th jobs, modernistic gameplay, latest classes, balanced progression and content specifically tailored for you!

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Maple Saga

Maple Saga Private Server > Here

Want to relive the old days, but don’t have time to HP wash? TRY MapleSaga (8x EXP), the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! NEVER HP wash again! YOU’LL LOVE our rebalanced skills, Monster Carnival PQ, Pink Bean boss and more. Get FREE access to thousands of haircuts and NX!

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Phoenix Old School

Phoenix Old School Private Server > Here

Experience the evolution of MapleStory like you have previously forgotten, on Phoenix. A 1x, 1x, 1x, 3rd job server with no hp washing, no pay to win, many features functioning just like original maple, and with constant updates, Phoenix is the only server providing authentic MapleStory

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Arboren MS

Arboren MS Private Server > Here

Arboren [v217] (2x/2x/1x) (Multi-Region) – we know exactly what you need, and its a good se*y serving of lag-less MapleStory served up in a way you’ve never experienced before, tailored to your region (EU/NA/SGD). Weekly updates, and unlocking the boundaries to things that have never been possible before!

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Kalluna

Kalluna Private Server > Here

An ambitious server that aims to bring back the nostalgia of Early Post-BigBang content, providing a better balanced gameplay as well as improvements towards peer-to-peer aspects with totally no P2W.

Top MapleStory Private Servers – Windia

Windia Private Server > Here

Windia is an incredibly stable and professionally developed v84 private server with a high amount of custom features, top-notch quality-of-life improvements and a great anti-cheat guaranteeing fair gameplay

Story MS PS

Story MS Private Server > Here

A v83 server with modern gameplay mechanics and unique custom features

Clover MS PS

Clover MS Private Server > Here

Old school maplestory have many unbalanced skills. We had rebalanced a skill and created a role for each class. Skills had been rebalanced accordingly to ensure that all classes have their strengths and weaknesses

Bboki MS PS

Bboki MS Private Server > Here

Old School Gachapon System, Daily Quests & Online Rewards! High rates done right, for once! Experience our laid-back training system, close-knit community, and stunning aesthetics! We have: various widescreen options, variable rates, thousands of rare cash items, frequent GM events, professional staff, rebalanced maps, weapon crafting

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