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top war game tips

Last Updated on 7 December, 2022

Top War Game Tips – Top tips and tricks to progress in the game.

Building, merging, and combating your opponents to get access to additional land and resources are the main game mechanics.

You may upgrade your base, unlock a number of heroes, select from a wide choice of classes, create and design your base, and engage in combat with other players—even those on different servers—in the game.

We’ve included several tips and cheats to guide you on the proper path as you advance through the game.

Top War Game – Best Tips

Top War Game Tips – Buildings, merging, and building

The majority of your advancement in Top War: Battle Game rests on your building.

When you build more, you may combine more, and when you merge more, you upgrade and move up a level.

Buildings in the game can either be upgraded through merging or through research.

Barracks, gold mines, shipyards, and other structures can all be merged to upgrade them.

The basic war room, also known as the base, repair room, army, and navy units are among the structures being researched for upgrade.

When you combine things, your battle/attack power will also rise, helping you in your battle for more territory with the Dark Legion’s forces.

When you battle the Dark Legion, you will earn additional troops (soldiers, tanks, etc.), therefore if you see a piece of territory that is open for conquest, seize it.

Keep in mind that resources are everything.

Gold, upgrading, and basic War Room

Your main center of operations, the Basic War Room, is a critical building that will enable you to improve non-mergeable goods.

You’ll need enough gold, as well as items like General R&D Plan (this combination of items is required for basic war room upgrading), Army Unit Merge Plan (army unit upgrade item), and several more, in order to improve them.

As long as you have gold mines and a gold harvester, getting the gold needed for merging and upgrading is extremely simple.

Automatic gold release into the gold harvester is a feature of gold mines.

Remember to periodically claim your gold so that the gold harvester can hold it for you.

Another perk of the gold harvester is that, once it has harvested all the gold it can, it will stop until you, the player, redeem it.

Keep in mind that your gold harvester’s capacity increases along with the quantity of gold coins you get as your gold mines advance in level.

Resources and inventory

Like many games, Top War: Battle Game contains an inventory where you can keep everything you’ve collected.

According on their rarity, the goods are divided into various groups and given the matching colors.

Orange has the highest rarity, while grey has the lowest.

You can acquire the stuff you’ll need for the game’s quest in a number of different methods.

Defeating the Dark Legion is the main priority.

The Shopping Center is another place to get things. You can access several treasure chests that are filled with stuff in it.

Another great way to acquire stuff and guarantee progression is through missions.

Top War: Battle Game includes a variety of missions, such as daily assignments, reward quests, and primary missions.

Heroes, abilities, and rates

Heroes are yet another crucial component of the game that will aid in boosting soldier morale and providing them with the vital boost in battles against your foes.

The heroes can be found by recruiting. There are three levels of recruitment: standard, premium, and elite.

For standard recruiting, you’ll get five free chances each day; for premium, one opportunity each day; and for elite, you’ll require Elite Hero Vouchers to enter a draw for the hero category you want or need.

The summon rates for each category of recruitment are listed below.

Standard Recruitment Rates:


  • Purple: 1.79%
  • Blue: 5.47%

Hero Shards:

  • Purple: 11.94%
  • Blue: 46.80%


  • Green EXP Book: 13.27%
  • Blue EXP Book: 8.29%
  • Lv. 1 Component Chest: 9.95%
  • Lv. 2 Component Chest: 2.49%

Premium Recruitment Rates:


  • Orange: 1.65%
  • Purple: 6.38%

Hero Shards:

  • Orange: 23.13%
  • Purple: 38.17%


  • Blue EXP Book: 10.64%
  • Purple EXP Book: 9.39%
  • Lv. 2 Component Chest: 9.39%
  • Lv. 3 Component Chest: 1.25%

Elite Recruitment Rates:


  • Orange: 5.26%
  • Purple: 7.51%

Hero Shards:

  • Orange: 36.89%
  • Purple: 41.32%


  • Orange EXP Book: 9.02%

About Top War

In the merge to level-up game Top War: Battle, the value of your possessions and the location of your base will decide how far you progress.

For extra resources and items, you will need to improve and purchase more structures.

To get more merging space and bonuses along the way, you will fight to retake the land from the Dark Legion.

You will join an alliance and become stronger as a group by supporting one another as you explore the planet, scout out, and assault other bases.

You will conduct research in the fundamental war room to get new, more powerful, and upgraded gold mines, army units, barracks, etc. to enhance your base and troops.

It will be crucial to find and gather heroes to guide and motivate your army.

To your heart’s content, purchase, build, and merge in order to rule the planet with your superior planning.

Your capacity for strategic thought will be tested by the game. Decide the future of the earth by uniting and fighting alongside the Liberty Alliance against the Dark Legion!


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