Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – All Puzzles

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions

Last Updated on 24 October, 2021

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – All Puzzles – Solve each puzzle with our clues and solutions, unlock every door with the codes

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Bathroom Padlock Code

Clue / how to solve?: Check the watch

Solution: 1235

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Generator

Clue / how to solve?: Change the pressure (rotate the valves)

Solution: Bring the dial to 11

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Iron Library Door

Clue / how to solve?: Get the door knocker (chapel) and the Stethoscope (Sewing room) and use them on the Iron Library door to hear the solution

Solution: knock on door Slow, Fast, Fast, Fast, Slow, Slow

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Evelator

Clue / how to solve?: You must use Thread Bolt on the fusebox, but first you must unlock the elevator

Solution: Go down elevator and block the door with the trolley, retrieve the Thread Bolt and go back up elevator

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Skeleton

Clue / how to solve?: Requires to reach the Experiment room (Basement)

Solution: Head, Stomach, Hand, Throat, Heart, Throat

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Mansion Doors

  • Archives door: Top = square, middle = triangle, bottom = star
  • Dinning room door: Top = square, middle = hexagon, bottom = pentagon
  • Pharmacy door: Top = star, middle = triangle, bottom = Hexagon
  • Intensive Care door: Top = pentagon, middle = triangle, bottom = Circle

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Vending Machine

Clue / how to solve?: First unlock the cash counter, then play the mini game with coins

Solution: Cash sounter code > 0414, Minigame > Play 5 rounds

Tormented Souls Puzzle Solutions – Judge

Clue / how to solve?: Get the hammer (2c room) and the Parchment (2d room)

Solution (from the left): Hands on Eyes, Hands on Ears, Hands on Mouth, Headless, then use Hammer on block

Floppy Disk Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Get the floppy disk (shower room)

Solution: Rotate the floppy disk, insert it into the computer and enter the code Martha

Maternity Ward Door Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Get the WE-40 in the Office and returning to the Maternity Ward

Solution: Use the WE-40 on the rusted gears and the hammer on the handle

Grandfather Clock Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: access East Wing Hall in E-F1

Solution: Dec 25 8:15:25

Vinyl Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: use the Jade eye on the bust in the office (E-F12)

Solution: 1, 2, 6, 6, 1, 2 (clockwise)

Key Dial Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: rotate all the dials to match the indents

Solution: rotate all the dials to match the indents

Infinite Door Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Reach the Underground area and find the Infinite room (recording tape image)


  1. New Adventure – Golden Door
  2. Fallen into the sea – Empty Basin
  3. Ursa Minor – North
  4. Furious Storm – Wooden Door
  5. Floating Alone – Dirt Basin
  6. Deserted Island – Ember Basin
  7. Days have past – West/O

Mausoleum statue Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Read the plaque

Solution: Interact with the statue’s ring finger

TV Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Find the dial in the sewer and use it on the TV (Caroline’s bedroom)


  1. Yin Yang
  2. Turn dial to Spider (right x8)
  3. Turn dial to 4-Leafed Clover (left x5)
  4. To Tricycle (right x7)
  5. Turn dial to Die (left x4)

Bunker door Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Reach the bunker (via the vault)

Solution: Turn off the machine when the handle is aligned with the topmost and use the padlock

Gasoline Pump Puzzle

Clue / how to solve?: Get the Pipe Caps (Bunker 1A, Bunker 2A and Bunker 3B) and the gas canister (Prison)

Solution:  Cap the pipes (bottom left corner) turn on right valve, then the valve two, then the upper left valve, and turn off the rest

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