Tower of Fantasy Matrices (How to craft them)

tower of fantasy matrices

Last Updated on 23 December, 2022

Tower of Fantasy Matrices (How To Craft) – Matrices are important items in Tower of Fantasy, now you can craft your own.

Matrices are a fantastic method to offer your weapons an extra boost and benefit, but they aren’t always simple to find. Not to mention that you could occasionally get identical versions of the same Matrix. Do not be scared; there is hope on the planet Aida, also called as the Artificial Island. Why do you have access to so many resources on this island? To craft matrices in Tower of Fantasy, follow the steps in this guide.

Tower of Fantasy Matrices – How To Craft

The Artificial Island is one of several places in Tower of Fantasy where people have settled. You can start creating your Matrices by using the resources found on the Artificial Island. And in Tower of Fantasy, you may craft Matrices with these resources. You must reach Wanderer Level 50 before using the Island’s Workshop.

You should first upgrade your houses to Level 5 or higher in order to begin crafting SR and SSR matrices. On the Artificial Island, there are six separate houses, each of which produces a specific material that you may use to create matrices.

  • Development Center: You will first need to upgrade this house before you can begin crafting.
  • Machine Pod: Metal Materials (King and Huma Matrices)
  • Kitty House: Supply Materials (Meryl and Crow Matrices)
  • Pawpaw House: Energy Materials (Samir and Tsubasa Matrices)
  • Pumpkin House: Fiber Materials (Shiro Matrices)
  • Turtle House: Renovation Materials (Cocoritter and Zero Matrices)

You should first focus on upgrading and leveling up that house depending on whatever Matrices you wish to craft  Your best strategy is to level up your Development Center and Houses to Level 9 for a higher chance of crafting an SSR Matrix set when you are ready to start crafting matrices since the procedure will be RNG. However, they do need a lot of resources to craft your Matrices. As you upgrade your houses, they will passively generate materials you can claim.

How To Use Matrices

You must select the chosen weapon you want to equip a Matrix to in your Weapons Tab in order to use Matrices. Then enter the Warehouse, where all of your weapons are shown. From here, click on Matrices in the bottom right side of your screen to see all of the Matrices you can use to that weapon.

The four slots in each weapon are Mind, Memory, Belief, and Emotion. Depending on where you put these slots, they have various passive effects. Depending on the Matrix rarity you have, you can get Matrix sets in two, three, or four pieces.

You will receive three-piece sets if you choose Normal (Green), Rare (Blue), or SR (Purple), while SSR (Gold) will give you two- and four-piece sets. Ascending your Matrix pieces is another option; SSR and SR pieces can go from 1 Star to 3 Stars, however Normal and Rare Matrices will stop providing you with any more rewards.

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