Tower Of Fantasy Relic Tier List – Best relics in ToF

tower of fantasy relic tier list

Last Updated on 27 October, 2022

Tower Of Fantasy Relic Tier List – Find the most valuable relics in tower of fantasy and take your gameplay to the next level!

Relics are essential to any player’s progression in Tower of Fantasy. These are essentially gadgets that, when equipped, provide benefits primarily related to combat abilities, but can also help you explore. The relics in the game are divided into SR and SSR, of which SSR is relatively rare. However, rarity does not represent the value of the relic, as most exist in some form. Plus, we’ve put together a leaderboard detailing every relic in the game, which will help you determine the right priorities.

Tower Of Fantasy Relic Tier List – Best Relics

Tier Relic
S Omnium Shield (SSR), Spacetime Rift (SSR), Hologram Projector (SSR)
A Drone (SSR), Couant (SR), Missile Barrage (SR), Jetboard (SR), Alternate Destiny (SSR), Strange Cube (SR)
B Colossus Arm (SSR), Omnium Handcannon (SR), Strange Cannon (SR), Magnetic Storm (SR), Lava Bomb (SR)
C Confinement (SSR), Type V Armor (SSR), Jetpack (SR), Hovering Cannon (SR), Magnetic Pulse (SR)

S-Class Relics should be an obvious choice for any player, as they can easily take your gaming skills to the next level. The Onium Shield is an SSR relic that blocks any incoming projectiles, slowing enemies that pass through it. When fully maxed out (max deception), it also increases damage to allies when they pass through omnic shields.

Spacetime Rift is great for taking down multiple enemies at once; it allows the user to drop a proton bomb at the target location, dealing massive damage and pulling all nearby enemies to the center. Finally, when using the Hologram Projector, the Holographic Projector creates a hologram of your character, which then deals damage to the targeted enemy.

It’s worth noting that most of the relics are viable, so the D rank is missing from the rank list. Also, getting multiple copies (replicas) of the same relic will upgrade it and gain additional perks. So some relics don’t work for a star, but they get significantly better when copied. On the other hand, relics like Jetboard, Hovering Cannon, and Jetpack are mostly exploration-focused, with plenty of combat support. So they are perfect with one star, really don’t need to be duped.

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