Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide

Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide

Last Updated on 29 April, 2022

Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide – All the steps and choices to unlock the true ending and also to unlock Avlora

Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide – Steps

These are all the requirements you must meet to unlock the Golden route Ending, and the chapters where each choice is located

  • 7th Chapter – A Soul Upon the Scales: Protect or Surrender Roland
    • Tip: choose protect and save before starting the battle with Avlora (chapter 7a)
  • 9th Chapter – Swindling Light: Transport the Illegal Salt
  • 10th Chapter /a – Beneath a Frigid Sky: Reveal Rolands Identity to Svarog
  • 11th Chapter – Oppressions Under the Sun: Defend the Roselle (even if it affects your relations with Hyzante)
  • 15th Chapter – A Banner’s Worth: Return to Wolffort
  • 12th Chapter – Get the Pink Rock from the Elder’s House (Save and follow the steps)
    • Enter the Elder’s House and speak to him
    • Go out of the Elder’s House and speak to Benedict, then ask Frederica a favor
    • Enter the Elder’s House an examine the area where the Elder used to be to find the Pink Rock
  • 17th Chapter – If Griefs Coukld Passions Move: Find Another Way (Requires the previous choices to appear), then choose these answers
    • Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wIldfire?
    • Might Lord Svarog be the key?
    • We can expose the truth hidden within the Goddess’s statue.
    • They’re of the Consortium.
  • After a couple of chapters you will unlock the Golden Route Ending, and it’s the only way to unlock Avlora (In case you are interested, here you can see how to unlock the rest of the characters)

Triangle Strategy Golden Route Guide – Ending

Of course there are spoilers from here. But in case the only thing you wanted is to see what the end of the Golden Route is like, we leave you this video of youtuber akhafasu

About Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix, co-developed by Artdink, and published by Nintendo internationally. The development of the game was led by Tomoya Asano, producer of Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. It was released on the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

The game is a turn-based tactical role-playing game in the vein of Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. The player takes turns moving characters from their party across a grid-based playing field in which computer-controlled opponents must be attacked and defeated

Each character has unique attributes and a set movement range per turn, as well as a number of special attacks and skills that consume a limited but rechargeable pool of Tactical Points per character. During the course of the campaign, levelling up characters by using them in battle will increase their attributes and unlock new special attacks and skills, and players can also upgrade individual attributes and their characters’ class to make them more effective in combat

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