Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 Secluded Island

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 Secluded Island

Last Updated on 30 April, 2023

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 Secluded Island – Complete and step-by-step guide to the 2nd episode of the FIVE-BN GAMES game, so you can complete it from start to finish

Once you have clicked to play this level, you will see the following information:

“You have woken up on a secluded island. There’s nobody else here. You have no idea about how you managed to get here. Another important mystery is finding a way out of here, and you have to solve it on your own.”

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 Secluded Island

Walkthrough Level 2 Secluded Island by Angel Game

About Secluded Island Level

Tricky Doors is a single-player adventure, hidden object, and puzzle video game that was published by Five-BN Games. It publishes eight difficult levels (Episodes), each with a different setting, difficult chores, and riddles to overcome. There are a few mini-games in the game as well that are also intended to provide you with hard gameplay, so you are not only confined to looking for hidden things. You must move through a variety of locations and engage in a variety of mini-games in order to solve the riddles. With our Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough, which includes all solutions and answers, we leap in to aid you because we know the puzzle level calls for a detective’s mindset and quick reflexes.

In the first chapter, we left the wooden hut where we had begun our voyage to visit other places, including open spaces, fire, statues, and more. We barely made it out of the scene after getting a magic ink, and we’re now stuck in another place where we have to repeat what we did in the first chapter. Start looking around the area, interacting with items, discovering clues, and using them to locate the exit. Since there isn’t a list of things to find in Tricky Doors (Free to play), you should practice solving puzzles before beginning the game. Read Tricky Doors Secluded Island Walkthrough for answers if you’re stumped and don’t know what to do next.

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A engaging game with many different riddles is called Tricky Doors. Find a unique escape route from each space. A point-and-click game in the “escape the room” genre featuring a ton of mini-games and challenging tasks is called Tricky Doors.

There are many different doors you can open. There are dangerous and friendly realms, as well as familiar and foreign landscapes, behind every door. You always have to leave the location the game led you to this time through a portal in order to continue. Discover hidden things and puzzle solutions. You’ll be familiar with many of them. You’ll get to see some of them for the first time. Can you use them all to discover a way out? Face a challenge to your wit!

  • Beautiful visuals and amazing locales
  • Uncommon tales of escape
  • Finding hidden objects is fun.
  • Arduous mini-games
  • Will be fascinating for both new and seasoned players.

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